Dacic: “We design opening of new chapters in December”

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At today’s press discussion hold during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, Head of Serbian tact Ivica Dacic underlined that a 35th Meeting of a Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) would positively be a many critical eventuality in a month of December, to be hosted by Serbia in a ability as Chair of a Organization. The executive assembly will take place on 13 Dec 2016. The assembly that will adopt countless critical decisions for a destiny activity of a Organization, will move to an finish a successful Chairmanship of Serbia and reaffirm a joining to informal cooperation.

Also holding partial in a eventuality will be Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, who will make a shared revisit to Serbia on 12 December.

On 5 December, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn will revisit Serbia.

This month, Minister Dacic will have talks with Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry of a Republic of Zimbabwe Walter Mzembi, on 6 Dec 2016, with a aim of compelling a Republic of Zimbabwe’s candidacy for a post of Director General of a World Trade Organization (WTO). In a talks, a officials will also plead a stream shared family and team-work between a dual countries.

On 7 Dec 2016, during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Serbian Foreign Minister will accommodate with Secretary of State for European Affairs in a Portuguese Foreign Ministry Margarida Marques.

The 23rd OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting will take place in Hamburg on 8-9 December, also imprinting a finish of a German Chairmanship-in-Office of a Organization, as good as a finish of Serbia’s rendezvous in a OSCE Troika.

A operative revisit by member of a Foreign Ministry of Malta is designed for 20 Dec in sequence to plead a credentials of a revisit by a supposed Enlargement Committee of a Council of a European Union during a Maltese EU Presidency, as good as a delay of Serbia’s advent process.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic pronounced currently that a appearance of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in multilateral events was critical since these events presented opportunities to accommodate with member of mixed countries in one place.

Minister Dacic remarkable that he had had 28 meetings during a Summit of a Francophonie in Madagascar, that combined additional excitability on a partial of a Pristina representatives, saying that EU Member States that did not commend autonomy of Kosovo were being put underneath good vigour to recur their positions.

Speaking about his walking out of a eventuality in Warsaw, on that arise Foreign Minister of Kosovo Enver Hoxhaj pronounced that Serbia was guilty of a wars in a domain of a former Yugoslavia, Minister Dacic pronounced that, before to his preference to leave a event, he had waited to see how EU member would conflict to this, that they, as a Minister underlined, unsuccessful to do in a end.

“I might have done a mistake, though that is what we suspicion was right. They have grown shaken when we pronounced that Serbia would not commend Kosovo, and Hoxhaj pronounced that it would”, Minister Dacic elaborated.

He removed that a subject of a Warsaw assembly was a confidence member and reconciliation, seeking how we could have been means to plead settlement after such difference of Hoxhaj’s.

As regards Minister Dacic’s activities in a past month, during a assembly of Heads of Governments of a People’s Republic of China and Central and East European countries (16+1) in Riga on 5 Nov 2016, an Agreement was sealed between Governments of a Republic of Serbia and of a People’s Republic of China on mutual extermination of visas for holders of typical passports. It is approaching that, following a resolution procedure, a Agreement would come into force on 1 Jan 2017.

During his revisit to Canada, a Head of Serbian tact also met with Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum, and on that arise they rigourously commenced talks on a domestic turn between a dual parties on a rising of visa liberalization as good as on a lifting of restrictions opposite members of a administration of a former FRY.

The European Commission has adopted a 2016 Serbia Progress Report that is mostly certain in a assessments. Progress was remarkable in roughly all areas, including those of sold significance such as open administration reform, law potency and combating orderly crime. The EU has commended a swell Serbia done in building a organic marketplace economy means to withstand pressures of competitors entrance from EU Member States.

Progress was also done in a context of fixing with a EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, in sold by adopting a Law on Enforcement of International Sanctions, including a EU’s limiting measures. Serbia has continued to attend in EU-mandated municipal and troops missions.

The European Union has commended Serbia’s constructive grant to informal team-work and fostering good family with all of a neighbours, both EU Member States and those determined to EU membership. Belgrade’s rendezvous in and joining to a discourse with Pristina, as good as to a doing of agreements made, has also been acknowledged.

In December, a European Parliament will trigger a procession for adopting a Resolution on Serbia’s progress, a adoption of that in a EP is envisaged for 15 Mar 2017.

The Head of Serbian tact underlined that he hoped that a fourth Intergovernmental Conference could take place in December, on that arise during slightest one new section would be opened, namely Chapter 5 on Public Procurement as good as, hopefully, Chapters 25 – Science and Research and 26 – Education and Culture.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15979-dacic-we-expect-opening-of-new-chapters-in-december