Days of Friendship between Slovenia and Serbia – Remarks by Minister Dacic

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“Your Excellency, a Ambassador of a Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Gasparic,

Dear President of a Idrija Club,

Dear guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I was gratified to accept an invitation to support today’s event, together with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Slovenia Karl Erjavec, in a ability as titular sponsor. The eventuality is orderly within a Days of Friendship between Serbia and Slovenia, by a Belgrade/Danube Rotary Club, Serbia and Idrija Club, Slovenia.

As Serbian Foreign Minister, we have a avocation to work to encourage tighten and all-round family between a Republic of Serbia and a Republic of Slovenia. At a same time, we would like to stress that today’s eventuality gives me special pleasure, carrying in mind that my renowned colleague, Mr. Erjavec and we share a holds of personal friendship, which, we believe, has contributed to a increasingly successful, tighten and diversified team-work between a dual countries.

On a arise of my new central revisit to Ljubljana, that took place on 22 Feb 2017, a really certain expansion trend of team-work between a dual countries has been cemented. At a same time, a altogether family between Serbia and Slovenia have reached a turn that might offer as a role-model for successful good-neighbourly cooperation, that is not really common in a segment where a domestic elites are, unfortunately, mostly hold warrant to a bad partial of a common past. The countries of a segment can and contingency demeanour to a destiny together, that is a fact that a stream developments are regularly reminding us of – let me though remember a migrant crisis, or a latest developments associated to a Agrokor Group.

The buttress of a family existent between Serbia and Slovenia is a now already unchanging use of holding corner Government sessions. The third eventuality was hold in Belgrade between 23 and 24 Oct final year, with a concomitant Business Forum, that brought together around 120 entrepreneurs from a dual countries. This use has incited out to be really successful. In further to contributing to a upkeep of a high-level domestic dialogue, a meetings have also been an glorious eventuality for us to jointly simulate not usually on what has been finished so far, though also on a agreements concerning petrify projects, in sequence to set in suit a untapped intensity for team-work both in a zone of a economy, and in other areas.

Serbia perceives Slovenia as an critical trade partner and a poignant investor. The consistent expansion of trade sell (which final year roughly reached EUR 1 billion), and a mutual joining to enhance team-work in this area (through corner opening in third markets, stepping adult team-work in areas of tourism, agriculture, etc.), are giving us reasons to be really satisfied. Serbia is a vital investment end for mercantile entities from Slovenia, and a certain trend of a flourishing array of investments done by Serbian companies in Slovenia is quite encouraging.

Considering a certain sentiments between a dual peoples and a stream turn of family between a dual countries, there is room for substantiating non-institutional forms of cooperation, and this eventuality testifies to a fact.

I would like in sold to support a “green mobility” concept, presented within a Days of Friendship between Serbia and Slovenia, that also includes a investiture of a Green Mobility Centre for Innovation. The Centre, directed during a doing of artistic and eco-friendly solutions for ultra-fast electric automobile chargers along a motorway within a “Green Balcanica” project, is ostensible to interconnect several countries of Central and South-East Europe, starting from Munich and Salzburg, to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje. we am assured that this project, instituted by Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar and a EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc, will be something some-more than one in a array of projects launched with a identical intent. we trust that a plan will accelerate Serbia’s EU formation process, not usually symbolically, though also in reality.

Distinguished guests, dear friends,

Along with a expressions of frank thankfulness to everybody who actively contributed to this event’s organization, we would like to use this eventuality to extend my considerate congratulations to a Wind Orchestra of a Idrija Miners, that is celebrating a 325th investiture anniversary – this fact creates it a oldest breeze band in Europe”.

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