Diplomatic passports for medallists in particular sports during London and Rio Olympic Games

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic presented currently during a grave rite tactful passports to athletes winning medals in particular events for Serbia during a Olympic Games in London and Rio.

Diplomatic passports were postulated to wrestler Davor Stefanek, taekwondo actor Tijana Bogdanovic, boat athletes Milenko Zoric and Marko Tomicevic and to Milica Mandic, a taekwondo medallist during a London Olympics, since women’s prolonged burst Olympic award leader Ivana Spanovic perceived her tactful pass earlier.

“I am severely celebrated to benefaction to we today, on interest of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tactful passports that we will be holding as goodwill Ambassadors”, pronounced Minister Dacic during a rite hold on a MFA premises. He stressed that currently usually 27 athletes were holders of tactful passports and that authorisation for distribution of such passports was postulated usually for those with top merits.

The Head of Serbian tact forked out that tactful passports were current for 5 years and enabled transport to countries for that there was a visa requirement, including their some-more enlightened diagnosis while abroad.

“I design that as goodwill Ambassadors we will paint Serbia in a best probable way. Your conduct, clever will and opening have demonstrated that we are loyal Ambassadors of a nation and we have helped that a country’s name is listened a prolonged way”, pronounced Minister Dacic.

Youth and Sport Minister Vanja Udovicic pronounced that a year of a record high count of medals was behind us: 37 Olympic and Paralympic medals altogether. He emphasized that athletes contributed to a graduation of Serbia both when it comes to a picture and a captivate of unfamiliar investors.

“You are apropos hereby currently a tiny organisation of goodwill Ambassadors and we wish that we will accept it not usually as a prerogative for a efforts put in and a formula achieved, though also as an requirement and payoff that we contingency offer as an instance to younger generations as good as inspire other athletes and be idols deserved to be worshipped by a whole of Serbia”, settled Minister Udovicic.

Both Ministers announced that tactful passports were being contemplated also for group sports and Paralympians.

The rite was also attended by Secretary General of a Serbian Olympic Committee Djordje Visacki, who thanked a Government of Serbia for display in this approach as good how most it upheld and appreciated a athletes.

“Had it not been for this support and cooperation, Serbian competition would not be means to duty on a own”, Visacki said.

On interest of athletes Davor Stefanek pronounced that a Government of Serbia famous a significance of these passports for their journeys to and from competitions and preparations for competitions.

“We as athletes and Ambassadors of a Republic of Serbia will do a pinnacle during all these competitions to paint Serbia a best approach we can and pleasure we by winning new medals”, Davor Stefanek underlined.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15866-diplomatic-passports-for-medallists-in-individual-sports-at-london-and-rio-olympic-games