FDPM and MFA Ivica Dacic reacts to Boris Tadic’s statement

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D“It is a flaw that Boris Tadic is abusing Ambassador Potezica’s passing for daily domestic purposes, in sequence to continue his years-long dispute with me and with a Government of Serbia. What he is doing is conjunction in a suggestion of Christianity, nor standard of a statesman.

I would like to remind everybody that Boris Tadic, a hilt of Gaddafi’s decoration, visited Gaddafi on 4 occasions in a five-year period, that he was a usually European President who attended a Military Parade in Tripoli on a arise of a 40th anniversary given Gaddafi came to power, accompanied by members of SAF, and that Gaddafi’s son used to come to Serbia underneath a guise of secrecy, and stayed in Serbia’s residential palaces.

The amnesia-stricken Tadic claims that a fighting pennyless out in 2012, and that he did not tighten a Embassy in Libya given it helped rescue Serbian people, while it is common believe that a conflicts in Libya took place in 2011, that Gaddafi was murdered in Oct 2011, and given we headed a group for evacuating a adults in my ability as Minister of a Interior during a time, we know that all happened in Feb 2011, as can be proven with videos and texts display and describing how we awaited a planes from Libya.

Since Tadic was in energy compartment Apr 2012, because didn’t he tighten a Embassy then, in a midst of fight and fighting? Why didn’t he repel Potezica, who was allocated by Tadic himself, and who awaited Tadic in Libya when he visited that country? And we shall not even hold on a serious accusations concerning that period, arguing that a Serbian fighters participated in armed conflicts, on a side of Gaddafi.

The fact that Tadic incorrectly talks about a deaths of dual Embassy’s officials as if they happened in 2015, and not in 2016, is scholastic adequate of how most he is endangered with a deaths of a diplomats.

Everyone is entitled to hatred me and ask for my dismissal, to impugn a Government of Serbia, though a hilt of Gaddafi’s emblem and screw of a Green Book presented to him by Gaddafi dual years before his downfall, Boris Tadic competence uncover some honour for a people who worked for their nation and to a advantage of the people.”

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16471-fdpm-and-mfa-ivica-dacic-reacts-to-boris-tadics-statement