Germany is among Serbia’s vital mercantile partners and one of a largest investors in Serbian economy

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Berlin Economic TalksAddress by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic in Berlin, during an eventuality on a arise of a 20th anniversary of registration of Berlin’s International Business Community “Berlin Economic Talks”, in a row contention on “The Western Balkans in Europe – opportunities and challenges”:

“Esteemed Mr. Becker,
Esteemed Mr. Harms,
Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, we would like to appreciate Mr. Becker for his kind invitation, charity me an event to pronounce before this distinguished assembly and demonstrate a positions of a Republic of Serbia concerning a hurdles confronting a region, as good as a insights and specific proposals to overcome them.

The Republic of Serbia seeks to pursue a proactive, clearly profiled and recognised unfamiliar policy, contributing to a improved positioning on a regional, European and broader general level. The refuge of informal fortitude and focusing of all countries on ever some-more clever team-work in all areas are of essential seductiveness to a Republic of Serbia, as it enables a possess tolerable development. Accordingly, a graduation of good-neighbourly family and jointly profitable team-work is condition sine qua non of Serbia’s altogether unfamiliar policy.

Serbia strongly believes that a EU constitutes a best horizon for all countries of a region, that will promote a feat of sold interests of any of these countries. There is estimable complementarity in a processes of European integration, strengthening of informal team-work and inner reforms in a Western Balkans countries. The European viewpoint of a Western Balkans has had a estimable impact on a graduation of informal cooperation, and has contributed to addressing many superb problems by dialogue. However, a emigration crises, a unknowns brought about by “Brexit”, and a dilemmas opening a discussions concerning a EU’s destiny are rare hurdles for a European Union, though for a region, too. There are no elementary and candid solutions to hurdles anywhere in a world, and Serbia believes that a usually suitable instruction overcoming them is by strengthening mutual ties and focusing on what brings us together rather than what keeps us apart. That is a “winning combination” for any nation individually, though also for a segment as a whole.

In a family with neighbours and informal countries, Serbia is committed to a graduation of a “positive agenda”, oriented towards a destiny and seeks in a family with all informal countries to concentration on a growth of mercantile and other forms of jointly profitable cooperation. In a assessment, this could minister to formulating a some-more enlightened altogether meridian in a region, so facilitating fortitude of issues amassed from a past.

It was for these reasons that Serbia strongly upheld a German beginning for rising a supposed Berlin Process, and participated with clever joining in all Berlin Process activities. The Republic of Serbia considers a Connectivity Agenda as one of a pivotal pillars of a whole “Berlin Process, a mutual informal cooperation, and team-work with EU Member States forming a partial of a Berlin Process, and a EC, too. we would like to singular out several formula achieved within a Berlin Process framework: a investiture of a Regional Youth Cooperation (RYCO) seated in Tirana, modelled on a German-French example, finish of a Treaty Establishing of a Transport Community in a SEE, seated in Belgrade, whose work is approaching to start by a finish of this year, and a investiture of a Chamber Investment Forum (CIF) of a Western Balkans, seated in Trieste, representing a interests of 350,000 companies.
The willingness for team-work voiced by a Republic of Serbia in a growth of informal ride infrastructure is nonetheless another approach of demonstrating a joining to peace, fortitude and wealth in a region. In this context, a construction of Nis-Merdare-Pristina-Tirana-Drac motorway is one of a pivotal priorities. In a entrance period, a concentration will be laid on a doing of other infrastructural projects, like reformation and modernization of Nis-Dimitrovgrad, Belgrade-Budapest, Belgrade-Nis and Belgrade-Bar railways, and a execution of a Belgrade bypass, that is, a works on a Sava and Danube rivers as vital passable waterways, whose construction requires applicable funding. In addition, a growth of a informal Study on a hydro-power intensity is underway.
As regards informal mercantile projects, we trust that, in a entrance period, it is required to concentration attention, among other things, on a following themes: investiture of corner limit checkpoints within a horizon of a CEFTA segment and corner use of apparatus for limit control of goods; investiture of an “on-line” import-export system, aiding institutions in Serbia and other CEFTA parties to lift out all (or roughly all) export-related procedures electronically; strengthening of a e-commerce complement in a segment by defining manners and enhancing member security. All these proposals are directly associated to Digital integration.

The reason for referring to these projects and initiatives is a enterprise to underpin your interests for team-work towards their implementation.
Ladies and gentlemen,
It is my pleasure to note that Germany is one of Serbia’s vital mercantile partners, and one of a largest investors in Serbian economy. The Republic of Serbia wishes to serve raise and lower a mercantile ties with Germany, as we are assured that in these areas in sold it is probable to grasp even improved results, in due course.

In January-July 2018, a altogether commodity sell between a dual countries totalled 2.83 billion euro. Serbia’s exports to a FR of Germany were 1.15 billion euro, while imports amounted to 1.68 billion euro, since in 2017 a trade in products between a dual countries exceeded 4 billion euro, for a initial time, totalling 4.34 billion euro, indicating a 10.3% arise compared to 2016, when a altogether sell was 404.3 million euros, totalling some 3.94 billion euro. we would serve like to underscore that some-more than 400 companies with German collateral are doing business in Serbia, contracting about 47,000 workers.

I am assured that such considerable formula and certain practice of your business people will also inspire we who are here currently to severely cruise business in Serbia.

On a trail to full EU membership, Serbia has carried out a array of reforms in a mercantile field, though also in a areas of a order of law, operation of state and internal administration bodies, digitalization, etc. Serbia has so combined rarely enlightened conditions for business and investment by unfamiliar companies in Serbia. The best justification that such process has valid to be successful is reflected in a information on unfamiliar trade between a dual countries and a series of German companies handling and investing in Serbia that we have only brought to your attention.

I would like to take this event to entice we to revisit Serbia and assure yourselves that we are prepared to offer rarely enlightened business conditions, while we have an essential seductiveness in augmenting German investments in infrastructural projects, team-work in automotive courtesy and energy, agricultural/ food-processing sector, IT and tourism. we wish that this assembly will outcome in your preference to turn partial of an considerable German business village in Serbia.

Thank we for your attention.”

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