Government proposes visa grant for transport between Serbia and China

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vlada nisFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic settled that a preference on proposing China to relinquish visa mandate for adults of a dual countries was done during a assembly of a Government.

In a press discussion following a Government’s meeting, also attended by Ambassador of China to Serbia Li Manchang, Minister Dacic assessed that this was a day of ancestral significance for a dual countries.

“Should a Government of China accept Serbia’s proposal, adults of a dual countries will not need visas for a stay not surpassing 30 days, and a preference competence come into force by a finish of a year”, Minister Dacic highlighted.

According to a Minister’s assessment, that would have a really certain impact on a growth of team-work in all areas – from politics, economy, culture, to scholarship and tourism.

The Serbian Foreign Minister forked to a fact that a due agreement on mutual visa grant reflected loyalty towards China and mutual trust built so far, along with a Strategic Partnership Agreement, a revisit of China’s President to Serbia and a activities within a beginning on team-work between China and 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC).

Minister Dacic announced that China and 16 CEE countries’ Summit would be hold in Riga, between 5 and 6 November, where a series of critical agreements are approaching to be signed, while a Serbian commission will be led by Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

As a Minister recalled, Serbia has entered into such agreements with 63 countries, and it is a aim to secure a visa-free transport with as many countries as possible.

Ambassador Manchang underscored that Serbia was a initial nation in Europe with that China stood prepared to pointer a visa grant agreement, that valid that a dual peoples fostered mutual honour and trust.

The Ambassador combined that, once a agreement came into force, some-more Chinese tourists and investors would come to Serbia, and that some-more Serbs would be means to transport to China.

Following a decision, a Governments of Serbia and PR China would shortly launch a procedure, a Ambassador stated, expressing his faith that his nation would shortly make a same decisions.

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