Gratitude to Austria for continual support to Serbia’s European formation process

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had a assembly currently in Belgrade with Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for a Civil Service and Sport of a Republic of Austria Heinz-Christian Strache.

At a corner press conference, Minister Dacic and Vice-Chancellor Strache forked out that today’s assembly discussed shared relations, mercantile team-work between a dual countries and Serbia’s European formation process.

Minister Dacic highlighted that a attribute with Strache had been accessible even before he became Vice-Chancellor, adding that Serbia wanted to have a best probable team-work with a new Government of Austria.

Serbian Foreign Minister thanked Austria for a support it lent to Serbia on a European path, adding that he approaching a support to be maintained, and that in line with a EU Strategy adult to 2025 Serbia would turn a full member of a European Union.

Minister Dacic settled that a emanate of Kosovo was not over, though that a resolution compulsory a Belgrade – Pristina dialogue.

“As for Kosovo and Metohija, we are wakeful that Austria famous a independence. We design them to know a position that by a preference of autonomy that emanate has not been resolved, that discourse contingency be hold and that a concede resolution contingency be sought. In this regard, we design support to dialogue, and not bolster of a position that all has been resolved”, Minister Dacic emphasized.

Austrian Vice-Chancellor settled that a problem of Kosovo had not been resolved on a long-term basis, and that it was required for Belgrade and Pristina to strech concede acknowledging a needs of a Serbs, too. The Vice-Chancellor combined that “nothing can duty unilaterally”.

Vice-Chancellor Strache emphasized that he trustworthy surpassing significance to loyalty and team-work with Serbia, conveying his country’s support to Serbia’s European formation process.

“Austrian companies have invested EUR 2.3 billion, formulating 20,000 jobs, with a bent to grow. We have some-more than 260,000 persons of Serbian skirmish in Austria, and they consecrate an critical component of a society. We wish to lend a full support to Serbia per a European formation path”, Austrian Vice-Chancellor explained.

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