Hundredth anniversary of tactful family between Serbia and Spain noted during a Archive of Serbia

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic addressed a assembly during a rite imprinting a centenary given a investiture of tactful family between Serbia and Spain, hold during a Archive of Serbia. Following is full content of a Minister’s remarks.


Ladies and gentlemen,

I have a honour and pleasure to residence this renowned entertainment and to thank, during a same time, a Archive of Serbia and a National Historical Archives of Spain, for carrying invested outrageous efforts in sequence for us to jointly mark, by this event, too, a hundredth anniversary given a investiture of a tactful family between a dual countries.

I am gratified to underline a really good and accessible family confirmed by a dual countries and peoples for a century now. Serbia and Spain are tied by countless forms of team-work and mutual honour and cherishing of common values. It is Serbia’s wish and joining to continue to encourage and urge a tighten family with a Kingdom of Spain, in all areas of mutual interest.

The initial contacts and talks between a dual countries’ tactful agents took place in Paris, in 1880, on a arise of a central presentation on Serbia’s independence.

Serbia’s deputy in Paris attended a duty hold on a arise of a revisit done by Queen Mother Isabella, where he perceived congratulations on dogmatic Serbia a monarchy.

The routine of substantiating a tactful family between a dual countries began in 1916, while a Government of a Kingdom of Serbia was banished in Corfu, where, on 25 August, Serbian Prime Minister Nikola Pasic systematic a Serbian Envoy in Paris to hit a Spanish Embassy in Paris, and to find agrément for Serbia’s representative, Mr. Dragomir Jankovic, who was afterwards King Peter I’s Chief of Staff. The response from Madrid was not to be waited long, given a agrément was postulated on 20 Sep 1916. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain sent a tactful note whereby it sensitive that it was gay to accept Mr. Jankovic’s appointment.

In a name of King Peter I, Regent Aleksandar wrote a minute to King Alfonso XIII, on 14 Oct 1916, per a appointment of Dragomir Jankovic as Serbia’s deputy in Spain. The deputy came to Mardid a few months later, and presented his Letters of Credence to King Alfonso XIII, on 7 Feb 1917, when a century-long story of abounding tactful family between a dual countries began. To illustrate a significance that Serbia trustworthy to a family with Spain, concede me to remind we that intellectuals such as Jovan Ducic and Ivo Andric acted as a tactful agents in Madrid.

In a march of 2016 and 2017, Serbia and Spain are imprinting this miracle anniversary with a series of events in a fields of culture, arts, scholarship and education.

On this arise we would like to stress in sold my thankfulness to a Kingdom of Spain for a scrupulous position on non-recognition of a unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo, deeply assured that it will sojourn unchanged. In a context of resolution a formidable emanate of Kosovo and Metohija, by a Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, a Republic of Serbia is dedicated to achieving a only and durability resolution that will minister to a refuge of fortitude and confidence in a segment and in Europe.

I severely conclude a continued support and bargain of a Kingdom of Spain on a European formation path, that is a vital unfamiliar routine priority and we wish it will sojourn one of a categorical advocates of a increase routine and a European viewpoint of a Western Balkans. As a member of a European Union, a Kingdom of Spain is a good instance of overcoming a transition routine successfully, composition to a standards of a European Union and a existence of a complicated democracy formed on European values.

Throughout a violent past, Europe has seen many bloody wars, witnessing racial and eremite conflicts and bringing about millions of passed and displaced. On a hull of a former universe and on a grant of all those who fought for leisure and a improved tomorrow, foundations of a different, democratic, moneyed assimilated Europe began to emerge. The Kingdom of Spain assimilated such a European Union in 1986 and Serbia, as good as a whole Balkan region, is advancing a same approach now.

Today, Europe is integrated into a one domestic complement that enables a refuge of assent and vital standards of a adults by a clever mercantile and amicable policy. It is a ideal that a Republic of Serbia aspires to – to urge a altogether vital conditions of a citizens, revoke unemployment, generally girl unemployment, and to quarrel to exterminate poverty.

Dear Ambassador,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since no country, however strong, is means to exclusively withstand tellurian challenges, networking and team-work have turn a basement for preserving assent and a exigency for development. The past story of abounding and jointly intertwined family between a Republic of Serbia and a Kingdom of Spain testifies to their common seductiveness and a need for tighten team-work in several fields, that clearly defines directions of destiny activity and gives procedure to exploring all opportunities for some-more energetic relations.

In this spirit, and on a plain foundations of centuries of friendship, Serbia and Spain are celebrating a centenary of substantiating tactful relations.

Thank you.”

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