Intensified shared team-work between Serbia and Japan

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Nemanja Stevanovic with Kenji YamadaState Secretary of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Stevanovic has perceived currently Parliamentary Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Kenji Yamada.

In a considerate talks, a dual collocutors resolved that a family between a dual countries were intensified, concrete and multifaceted. The dual sides asserted a willingness to serve strengthen mutual dialogue, sell visits on all levels and serve bond a economies of a dual countries.

Mutual compensation was voiced during a achieved formula and a turn of team-work with an comment that 2018 was a really critical year for a family between a Republic of Serbia and Japan. The year started in a best probable approach in Jan with a ancestral revisit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to a Republic of Serbia that gave a clever procedure to serve graduation of cooperation.

State Secretary Stevanovic reiterated his thankfulness for a high turn of oneness that a Japanese people showed towards Serbia in a form of past donations and extend aid. He also underlined that support and oneness were mutual and they constituted permanent item in a serve growth of accessible family between Serbia and Japan.

Following a assembly in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a signing rite for a Agreement on Japanese extend to demine a municipality of Bujanovac, with ITF Enhancing Human Security, was held.

The Agreement was sealed by Ambassador of Japan in a Republic of Serbia Junichi Maruyama and Director of ITF Ambassador Tomaž Lovrenčič, in a participation of State Secretary Stevanovic and Parliamentary Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Yamada.

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