Meeting of a Joint Committee for a Implementation of a Cooperation Agreement between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Government of Montenegro

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srbija cg_konsultacijeThe second assembly of a Joint Committee for a Implementation of a Agreement on Cooperation between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Government of Montenegro in a context of EU advent was hold in Belgrade, today, attended, on seductiveness of Serbia, by member of a European Integration Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Minister but portfolio in assign of European integration, Ministry of Agriculture and a Environment, Ministry of Justice, Interior Ministry, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, as good as member of other institutions of a Government of a Republic of Serbia and Negotiating Team members.

On seductiveness of Montenegro, a assembly was attended by member of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, and Negotiating Team members.

Ms. Ksenija Milenkovic, Acting Director of a Serbian Government’s European Integration Office, underlined a significance of a Republic of Serbia’s negotiations on EU advent and a altogether remodel process, on a inhabitant level. Ms. Milenkovic voiced her expectancy that a assembly would minister to a graduation of team-work between a dual countries on their trail to EU membership.

Presenting Serbia’s vital formula achieved in a negotiating routine so far, Ms. Milenkovic removed that Serbia had non-stop 4 negotiating chapters: Chapter 32 – Financial control, really critical in a quarrel opposite corruption, and in a financial zone stabilization; Chapter 35 that is specific in a box of Serbia, in propinquity to negotiations conducted by other candidates, as it deals with monitoring a routine of normalization of family and a agreements reached in a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina, as good as dual vital remodel chapters: Chapter 23 Judiciary and elemental rights, and Chapter 24 Justice, Freedom and Security. Highlighting a significance of progressing a dynamics of a advent process, a Acting Director voiced wish that Serbia would also open Chapters 5 – Public procurement, Chapter 25 – Science and research, and Chapter 26 – Education and culture, before a finish of a year.

The arch adjudicator for a EU advent of Montenegro, Mr. Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic underscored that unchanging meetings between Serbian, and Montenegrin negotiating teams constituted a profitable grant to a confirmation of informal team-work and good-neighborly family between a dual countries. Mr. Pejovic settled that, by opening 24 negotiating chapters, dual of that had temporarily been closed; complete doing of legislative and institutional frameworks for a quarrel opposite crime and orderly crime, and by enlivening serve infrastructural growth in a Berlin Process framework, Montenegro was behaving in a seductiveness of long-term and tolerable socio-economic changes. He forked out that EU advent was a common design of a states in a region, adding that swell achieved by any of a neighbors was eventually Montenegrin swell as well.

In 4 operative sessions, members of Serbian and Montenegrin traffic groups for Chapters 14 – Transport policy, 20 – Entrepreneurship and industrial policy, 21 – Trans-European network, 23 – Judiciary and elemental rights, 24 – Justice, leisure and security, and 27 – Environment, presented a stream conditions and exchanged practice formed on a negotiating routine to date.

At a end of a meeting, it was concluded that a third assembly of a Joint Serbia-Montenegro Committee would be hold in Montenegro, in 2017.

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