Members of a EU Council’s Working Group on increase visiting Serbia

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coelaAt a offer of Malta, now holding a Presidency of a Council of a European Union, members of COELA, Working Group of a Council of a EU on enlargement, as good as member of a EU Council and a European Commission are visiting Belgrade, from 28 Feb to 3 Mar 2017.

The EU Council’s operative organisation on increase comprises member entrance from all a EU Member States, closely monitoring and directing a Republic of Serbia’s advent process. The aim of a revisit is that COELA members, in meetings with Serbia’s tip officials, be sensitive first-hand about a remodel routine Serbia has undertaken in sequence to accelerate a European integration, and also to plead stream issues associated to a Republic of Serbia’s EU membership talks. Considering that a idea of a Republic of Serbia is to open new negotiating chapters during a Maltese EU Presidency, a revisit should be noticed as rarely critical in a context of Serbia’s advent routine as a nation continues a constructive discourse during meetings with a physique that convenes on a unchanging basis, twice a week, to plead Serbia’s EU membership talks.

The extensive programme of a revisit was done in team-work between a Presidency of a Council of a EU (Malta), Delegation of a EU to a Republic of Serbia and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia.

During their stay in a Republic of Serbia, members of COELA will have an event to sell views with tip executive officials – Prime Minister, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of a Interior, Minister of Justice, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Minister but Portfolio obliged for European integration, Head of a Negotiating Team, Acting Director of a European Integration Office, Director of a Office for Kosovo and Metohija, State Secretary of a Ministry of Finance and President of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Members of COELA will also reason discussions with lawmakers – Speaker of a National Assembly of a Republic of Serbia, and Chair and Members of a Assembly’s European Integration Committee.

Seeing that mercantile reforms are a priority of a Government of a Republic of Serbia and that Malta has voiced sold seductiveness for economy issues, meetings will also be hold with member of general financial institutions, member of a polite multitude active in these areas, as good as member of eccentric regulatory bodies and a National Convent on a EU.

A special shred of a revisit will be focused on petrify projects in a Republic of Serbia satisfied with financial support from IPA pre-accession funds, both in Belgrade and eastern Serbia.

Taking into comment that many of COELA members are staying in Serbia for a initial time, a revisit will benefaction them with an glorious event to, with a support of a Tourism Organization of Serbia, get proficient with Serbia’s traveller intensity and ambience inhabitant dishes, and take a debate of a many critical informative and birthright sites of Belgrade. In team-work with internal governments and traveller boards, trips to Golubac, Veliko Gradiste and Smederevo will be orderly as well, where informative landmarks of eastern Serbia and a extended accumulation of wines accessible in a Danube District will be presented to a European representatives.

The Republic of Serbia is beholden to a Republic of Malta, that during a initial tenure as Presidency of a Council of a EU motionless that it was a nation in sold that COELA should visit, clearly demonstrating a fast energetic in a march of Serbia’s advent process, in that horizon 8 negotiating chapters were non-stop so distant and dual sealed provisionally.

The Government of a Republic of Serbia stays committed to a idea – to grasp full membership of a European Union, and expresses a expectancy that a advent routine would be continued and accelerated in a entrance period, where Serbia has high remodel and executive capacities.

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