Message of upraise from Minister Dacic following a flitting of singer Milena Dravic

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Milena DravićFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic addressed his upraise summary to a family, friends and countless fans of a singer Milena Dravic who upheld away.

“As a crony and good suitor of a roles she was expel in, we offer my deepest condolences to a family, friends and fans of her behaving excellence.

Milena and Dragan noted an date in a Serbian and Yugoslav art. With their always revealing and singular approach of behaving as good as with their singular charm, they were a impulse of many generations.

I will never forget them and we am assured that they will be a purpose indication to a generations to come not usually as actors though as good people as well. Serbia owes them a resting place together during a tomb territory for distinguished personalities. They were loyal giants of the country.”

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