MFA State Secretary meets claimant nominated by Lebanon for a post of UNESCO Director-General

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Liban -_UneskoState Secretary during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Stevanovic met currently Ms. Vera El-Khoury Lacoeuilhe, Lebanese claimant for a post of Director-General of a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Ms. Vera El-Khoury Lacoeuilhe presented her priorities and her prophesy of UNESCO’s work that she was formulation to interpret into action, should she be inaugurated to conduct this critical organization.

The assembly valid an event to indicate to a claimant for UNESCO Director-General a priorities of a Republic of Serbia in a team-work with this organization, and to highlight, in particular, a active efforts opposite UNESCO’s politicization. Particular significance was placed on a significance that Serbia trustworthy to UNESCO activities in a area of informative birthright protection, generally a insurance of Serbian Gothic monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija, stamped on a List of World Heritage in Danger.

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