Minister Dacic about a UN Security Council Session

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Ivica DacicStatement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic

“The UN Security Council event clinging to Kosovo and Metohija was characterized – after a lengthier duration of time – by a vicious opinion of a Organization’s Secretary-General towards a acts of Pristina authorities. This vicious opinion was voiced in several tools of a Secretary-General’s Report by critique of a poise of a Kosovo Police towards Marko Djuric, as good as a fact that reports remarkable that, in a duration underneath review, usually 3 returnees returned to – as they said, Kosovo and Metohija. This means that out of a sum of 200,000 internally replaced persons, diminished persons, usually 3 returned in a stream stating duration of 3 months. The design is finish when sum with a outcomes in all other years, and a fact that a sum series of returnees corresponds to 1.9%. We never concede this emanate to be side-tracked. It is rarely critical that all participants in a Security Council event referred to a requirement of Pristina to form a Community of Serbian Municipalities.

If we set aside a exemplary politicization of this emanate by countries that have famous Kosovo, and calls on other countries to act likewise, we trust that a event was useful to a border that all Security Council Member States were sensitive of a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija. Naturally, we drew courtesy to a indispensable need for progressing a discussions each 3 months given – irrespective of a fact that a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija is not as thespian as in 1999, it is distant from ideal, given a tiny occurrence would sufficient to means poignant domestic and confidence instability not usually in Kosovo and Metohija, though in a whole region.

There will be critical discussions in a entrance months on either during all, or how these sessions will be reason serve on. The proposals of some Western countries are to put an finish to a mission; to change a format of holding sessions, i.e. replacing sessions with consultations sealed to a public, in serve to some proposals not to reason discussions each 3 months, though usually dual or 3 times a year.

Nevertheless, given a subsequent event will be reason in 3 months, and a Security Council will be presided over by a United Kingdom, we can design a reoccurrence of this topic. We have sensitive all Security Council Member States of the positions, and we trust that the courtesy should be focused on reaching a domestic agreement instead of causing serve domestic instability.

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