Minister Dacic addressed a upraise minute to a Prime Minister of Pakistan following militant attacks

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Slika 1Acting Prime Minister and Head of Serbian tact Ivica Dacic addressed a upraise minute to Prime Minister of a Islamic Republic of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, following a 3 apart militant attacks committed on a same day in Pakistan.

“With good grief and disbelief, we perceived a news of militant attacks that occurred in a singular day in your country, during a finish of a month of Ramadan, when your people are ostensible not to bewail though applaud one of a biggest holidays.

Allow me to communicate to Your Excellency, on interest of a Government of a Republic of Serbia and on my possess behalf, a expressions of many frank condolences during a detriment of trusting lives.

I take this event to demonstrate a strongest defamation of these and all other acts of terrorism whose solitary aim is murdering people, attempting to means disharmony and aggressive civilization values ​​of a complicated world, and also a right of each chairman to live and create, giveaway from fear.

On interest of a Government of a Republic of Serbia, we communicate a above-board willingness to make a limit grant to stamp out this biggest immorality of today, in each probable way, in team-work with we and all those who, like us, reject such barbarous acts”, says a minute of condolences by Minister Dacic.

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