Minister Dacic and Chinese officials entirely support a comparison paths of growth taken by their particular countries

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On a third day of his revisit to a People’s Republic of China, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met Minister of International Cooperation of a Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Sung Tao.

The talks rarely appraised, once again, a altogether family between a dual countries, underlining in sold a grant of a Communist Party of China and a domestic parties in Serbia to a encouragement of a shared family between a dual countries.

The interlocutors reliable that they would continue to defend a critical interests, and entirely support a avenues of growth to that a particular countries were committed. Invitations were exchanged for visits to Serbia and China, respectively.

Minister Dacic visited a Beijing University of International Studies, where he had talks with a Chair of a University Board and Secretary General Gu Shaoyuan, and met a organisation of students study a Serbian language.

Gu Shaoyuan presented a new Serbian denunciation training programme during this University, singular in China by a seven-year studies, including delegate and university levels. The Serbian Foreign Minister underlined that broader Serbian denunciation studies in China, and Chinese denunciation studies in Serbia, were critical for deepening a ties between a dual countries.

During his revisit to China, Minister Dacic gave many interviews to a Chinese media, including Renmin Ribao, Global Times, CCTV, Chinese International Radio and a Xinhua News Agency.

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