Minister Dacic and his Austrian reflection consult in Vienna

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kurc-dacic becFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently in Vienna his Austrian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz.

Minister Kurtz congratulated Serbia on a EC news that definitely assessed Serbia’s swell towards a EU.

“This success is a credit of both PM Vucic and Minister Dacic. Austria will continue to support serve a European trail of Serbia and we wish that this year we will be means to open a few some-more chapters”, pronounced a Austrian FM.

Minister Dacic thanked his Austrian associate Minister and his country, Austria for a support given to Serbia, definitely assessing a Commission’s Report, too.

Minister Dacic pronounced that he would ask his horde to assistance Serbian nationals proprietor in Vienna with a agreements concerning a approval of Serbian pushing licences in that country, to that Minister Kurtz responded by observant that a work on this emanate was being completed.

“The European Commission’s 2016 Annual Progress Report on Serbia finished certain comments on what Serbia has done, and we are also going to give care to comments on what needs to be finished in a entrance period”, settled Minister Dacic.

The Serbian Foreign Minister voiced a wish that a routine of negotiations with a EU would be over by a year 2020.

“Our undoubted vital idea is entrance into a EU and we will essay to open another negotiating section before a finish of this year and to have a negotiating routine finished by 2020. At a same time, we will make an bid to control discourse with Pristina and strengthen family with a neighbours and EU countries”, resolved Minister Dacic.

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