Minister Dacic and a Ambassador of India plead a graduation of mercantile team-work between a dual countries

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amb. Indije_septembarFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived currently a pleasantness call from H.E. Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador of a Republic of India to a Republic of Serbia.

In a considerate talks, both sides voiced their mutual compensation during a traditionally good and accessible family between a dual countries, along with a prospects of serve growth in all areas of cooperation, quite in a mercantile field. The interlocutors assessed that a shared family had been noted by a certain development. In addition, they voiced their expectations that visits during a high turn would be exchanged shortly and that, as a outcome of a certain business meridian in Serbia, there would be a poignant arise in trade and a aloft upsurge of India’s investments into a Serbian economy.

Minister Dacic quite emphasised that Serbia rarely appreciated a scrupulous position of a Republic of India concerning a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija, and a support it extends to a territorial firmness and government of a Republic of Serbia.

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