Minister Dacic during a operative cooking hosted for members of a EU Council’s Working Group on enlargement

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic hosted this dusk a operative cooking for members of COELA, Working Group of a Council of a EU on enlargement, as good as for member of a EU Council and a European Commission, who are visiting Serbia from 28 Feb to 3 Mar 2017.

Head of Serbian tact Ivica Dacic underlined that full membership of a EU remained a pivotal vital idea of Serbia’s unfamiliar policy, to that a Serbian Government was entirely committed. He uttered his expectancy that Serbia would open serve negotiating chapters as Malta and Estonia running hold a Presidency of a Council of a European Union. Recalling that a whole EU advent routine of a Republic of Serbia was being followed according to a gait and formula achieved in a Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, he underlined that it would be counterproductive in a prolonged run to keep such a correspondence between swell finished on Chapter 35 and swell on other remodel chapters, given this would indicate that a significance of a reforms undertaken was being underestimated in practice, and a rarely supportive domestic routine overestimated.

Minister Dacic uttered restlessness with Pristina steadfastly avoiding to launch a doing of a commitments concerning a investiture of a Community of Serb Municipalities and holding uneven moves, such as bids to join UNESCO and other general organizations, so jeopardizing a formula of a discourse achieved so far.

Speaking about a emanate of fixing with a Common Foreign and Security Policy of a EU, a Minister pronounced that it was mistaken to consider that emanate usually by a commission of fixing with EU declarations, given Serbia played an critical purpose in countless other areas of cooperation. He underlined in sold 328 crew from Serbia holding partial in UN- and EU-mandated assent operations, Serbia strengthening a capacities for aloft appearance in municipal assent operations, team-work in a quarrel opposite terrorism, tighten family with a European Defence Agency, as good as that Serbia had been a convincing partner of a EU in addressing hurdles of a migrant crisis, holding bigger weight in this context than some of a EU Member States. All of a above showed that Serbia suspicion of a EU as a categorical partner when it comes to foreign, confidence and counterclaim policy. In this context, he emphasized that Serbia would continue to consider on an particular basement all EU declarations in this area, and that it would, as it had finished so far, confirm on fixing with them, behaving in a suggestion of scrupulous pragmatism, that a EU advocated as well. The Minister also forked out that 64% of fixing was picturesque during a stream theatre of advent negotiations. He also sensitive that a work on new vital papers in a margin of counterclaim was in progress. He uttered compensation that a use of consultations with a EEAS had been established, as a good height for strengthening team-work and exchanging views concerning countless fields. He underlined that Serbia was entirely committed to a feat of long-term fortitude in a region. In this context, he underlined a significance of a Berlin Process for a feat of tighten team-work in a fields of infrastructure connectivity, mercantile formation and girl cooperation. At a same time, he uttered his bewail that not all actors in a segment common a same seductiveness for settlement and a forward-looking approach. In this context he stressed a intensely critical conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina where Bakir Izetbegovic undermined a existent institutions and finished personal preference to launch rider of ICJ visualisation concerning a genocide box of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. a Republic of Serbia, that would have durability consequences not usually for Bosnia-Herzegovina, though also for a whole region.

Recalling, in a end, a support of Serbian people to European integration, a Minister forked out that a EU should have a some-more offset proceed and contingency take transparent position on any and each pierce that was not in suitability with European norms and standards and elemental EU values and principles, regardless where they came from. Serbian open had a really clever feeling that such reactions were lacking or were really amiable when it comes to other actors in a wider region, while a totally opposite proceed was practical when Serbia was during stake. All of this shabby a altogether notice and picture of a EU, causing oscillations in a commission of support for EU membership.

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