Minister Dacic during a operative lunch with Ambassadors of EU Member States

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic attended today, as a keynote speaker, a lunch with a Ambassadors of EU Member States, hosted by a Head of a EU Delegation to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi.

On this occasion, Minister Dacic forked to a comfortless eventuality that noted a prior week. The Minister stressed that a assassination of Oliver Ivanovic threatened a fortitude in a segment and a delay of a discourse on a normalization of Belgrade-Pristina relations, emphasizing Serbia’s expectancy that a Pristina authorities and a general institutions with a participation in Kosovo and Metohija will find out and prosecute those obliged as shortly as possible. He reiterated that a Serbian side was committed to a dialogue, though that a talks would, however, continue when it is supposing with petrify information about a crime that happened.

Minister Dacic underscored that full membership of a EU remained Serbia’s extensive unfamiliar process priority. In this context, a announced EU Enlargement Strategy should benefaction in a petrify form a certain and enlivening messages conveyed by a President of a European Commission, Mr. Juncker. The Minister voiced his faith that 2025 carrying been announced as a year of intensity subsequent increase would have a rarely certain impact on a citizens’ support to European integration, during a same time demonstrating that European countries deliberate Serbia their destiny equal partner within a Union.

He welcomed in sold a preference by a Bulgarian Presidency of a Council of a EU to horde an EU-Western Balkans Summit in May 2018, that clearly indicated that a concentration was on a Balkans again. Furthermore, he voiced his wish that a European Commission’s subsequent Progress Report on increase would acknowledge a swell achieved so distant and commend a efforts finished and work finished by Serbia towards extensive reforms.

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