Minister Dacic during a 2018 Western Balkans Summit in London

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Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated during a “Future of a Berlin Process” panel, hold in London today, within a horizon of a Berlin Process Western Balkans Summit.

Apart from Minister Dacic a panellists also enclosed Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia and Montenegro.

In his rudimentary remarks, a Head of Serbian tact commended a really good classification of a London Summit and forked out that, in a final 4 years, a “Berlin Process” had asserted a outrageous intensity for team-work in this format as good as within a horizon of a “Western Balkan Six”.

The order of law, media freedom, appearance of polite multitude in opposite processes, quite those in Europe, were a topics of today’s row discussion.

Answering questions from a audience, Minister Dacic assessed that, unfortunately, it was not all about a doing of reforms, that Serbia had been carrying out rather successfully, though about a other existent impediments that influenced a slack of a processes in a region, including a European formation process.

” Each nation in a segment has a possess bulletin and gait of a remodel process, seeking to engage all stakeholders in multitude as most as possible, including a polite society, being a large part”, a Head of Serbian tact emphasized.
Minister Dacic underlined that a past could not be changed, though a destiny could be done improved for all of us.

“Overcoming of domestic problems in a segment will capacitate a economy and trade as good as a thought of a Regional Economic Area to bear fruit since that is a right march to be followed”, he underscored.

Minister Dacic removed that a media were giveaway to write and poise questions about whatever they were meddlesome in, though that a governments were not to tell them what they should or should not write about.

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