Minister Dacic during a 69th Session of a Executive Committee of a Programme of a UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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Ivica DacicMadam Chairperson,
Mr. High Commissioner,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, we would like to underline on interest of a Republic of Serbia clever support to a unrelenting work of a UNHCR, whose grant is of special stress today, given it is holding place opposite a backdrop of mixed hurdles globally. Conflicts, instability, misery and a miss of viewpoint in some regions of a universe have led to mass race movements, whose consequences are formidable to predict. we trust that, in such circumstances, it is critical that a general village redoubles a efforts to foster tellurian rights and denote oneness though influence and selectivity, with a aim of harmonizing opposite views and addressing a causes and effects of a crisis. We strongly trust that this emanate calls for a tellurian solution, in a suggestion of oneness and corner efforts, for it is not a geographically singular phenomenon, though one of tellurian proportions.

Serbia’s proceed in rebellious this plea was benevolent and responsible, in line with a general standards, relying essentially on a possess tellurian and financial resources and in team-work with United Nations bodies and agencies, and other applicable general and non-governmental organizations. Ever given 2015, refugees and migrants from a Middle East have been staying in Serbia. Following a outrageous interloper influx, their numbers have now depressed to 3,400. They have arrived from Asia and Africa with an intention, after transiting EU Member States, to continue their tour by Serbia on a proceed to a grown EU countries. Serbia has done a limit bid to yield accommodation, food, shoes, clothes, health caring and psychological and amicable support and assistance to all those who on a emigration track stay longer on a territory.

For these uprooted people and their children we have also supposing preparation and prepared them in a proceed to understanding with a hurdles they will face on their serve emigration track in a future. We are quite unapproachable of a benevolent proceed shown by a people of a country, reflecting a common knowledge with banishment in a final dual decades. we would like to remind we that a routine of formation is still underway for some-more than 300,000 refugees and internally replaced persons from a domain of a former Yugoslavia, while 28,000 persons are still deliberate to be in long displacement, and over 200,000 from Kosovo and Metohija have a standing of IDPs. Therefore, we are prepared to share a knowledge on long displacement, and to minister to a tellurian efforts directed during resolution this issue.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to pull your courtesy to another critical plan being carried out in a Republic of Serbia, with a assistance of a UNHCR as well. Namely, we impute here to a Regional Housing Programme jointly implemented by 4 countries – R. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, in team-work with a European Commission, UNHCR, OSCE and a Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). We have put in a lot of effort, from drafting a Programme itself, securing a appropriation to building a mechanisms, in sequence to be means to embark on unsentimental implementation, that is in full swing. A vital grant to this was done by dual decades of a knowledge in elucidate interloper problems and requesting a good practices grown in team-work with a European Union, UNHCR, OSCE and a Council of Europe Development Bank, to that we demonstrate my thankfulness on this occasion, and to a donors who together contributed to a success of a Regional Housing Programme.

A elementary resolution to a interloper problem does not exist. Yet, a Regional Housing Program is explanation that a resolution can be found if there is a will. That is a really critical message, given as we have already mentioned, detached from a refugees from a former Yugoslavia, there are over 200,000 internally replaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija in a Republic, for whom, even 19 years on, conditions for a tolerable lapse have not been provided. We wish that a duration forward will see a certain growth in propinquity to this emanate and that internally replaced persons will be offering some resolution by a side, respecting their rights that they contingency not be deprived of. That is because we design all of us to do some-more in anticipating satisfactory and durable solutions for this population. Successful doing of a Regional Housing Program gives us all wish that solutions are reachable.
In conclusion, we would like to appreciate a High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Grandi and a UNCHR for their joining and robust work to solve a stream tellurian migrant/refugee crisis, though also for their joining and stability in settling a emanate of long banishment that is really critical for all of us. UNHCR and other general partners can count on Serbia as a arguable partner in assembly this idea in a future.
Thank you.

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