Minister Dacic during a Bled Strategic Forum

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dacic bled_6920162Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a row contention “Western Balkans: is a EU still a lift factor?” hold during a Bled Strategic Forum:

“Distinguished colleagues,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Membership of a European Union stays one of Serbia’s tip foreign-policy priorities. We have seen so distant that membership prospects served as a absolute procedure not usually to a altogether reforms implemented by Serbia, yet also to settlement and informal team-work in a Balkans. The Thessaloniki Summit conclusions betrothed a countries of a segment that once they accommodate a requirements, they will turn full members of a EU, so moving wish that a EU would commend a efforts destined during building approved societies and rival economies, within a wider segment committed to assent and stability. We see a encouragement of an all-round informal team-work in a Western Balkans as one of a pivotal instruments on a trail to EU membership.

Nevertheless, usually Slovenia and Croatia have turn EU Member States given a 2003 Thessaloniki Agenda. Serbia and Montenegro embarked on their particular advent negotiations with a EU, and Macedonia, notwithstanding being a claimant nation for a series of years already, has not as nonetheless non-stop a advent negotiations. Even yet a claimant country, Albania unsuccessful to open a EU advent negotiations, while Bosnia and Herzegovina has a standing of a intensity candidate. If one is to lift a line underneath this lane record, a success will usually be prejudiced during best; however, it is required to highlight that membership unrestrained among both claimant countries and intensity claimant countries is still extremely high, many higher, one contingency also acknowledge it, than that of many Member States per a serve increase policy.

The altogether domestic meridian in a routine of EU increase to a Western Balkan countries is significantly opposite and not that favourable. In a altered geopolitical and confidence resources in a surrounding regions, a European Union, faced with a increasingly manifest consequences of a mercantile and emigration crises, Brexit and a flourishing plea of terrorism, runs a risk of losing a captivate in a eyes of a open in both EU Member States and claimant countries. Additionally, a routine of commanding conditions is not intermittently implemented but adequate domestic understanding, formulating an clarity among a open of claimant countries of inequality as a imposed conditions seem like a “moving target”. Therefore, it is critical to keep a energetic of a routine of European formation by valourising petrify swell in a negotiations with a European Union.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Despite such a backdrop, Serbia has left forward with a formation routine that will eventually lead to a full EU membership. On a other hand, we are not building castles in a air. We are wakeful that currently a EU is many some-more opposite politically and economically from a EU that came adult with a Thessaloniki Agenda. This brings us behind to a thesis of a meeting: “Is a EU still a lift factor?” This doubt competence during some indicate be rephrased as “Are European values still a lift factor?”, for we trust that a dual have solemnly started to have their apart lives, if we might contend so. The European Union, as a family of nations, pity a same or identical values, is during a crossroads, during a time when it is required to redefine common interests, that would, as a cohesive element, capacitate this vast assent project, that it has radically been from a really inception, to be confirmed and strengthened. On a other hand, we have witnessed a fact that many avowed European values have newly been brought into doubt within some EU Member States as well. Over a years, Serbia has unquestionably proven, by approach of a active routine followed in a Western Balkan settlement process, by implementing political, authorised and mercantile reforms, by strengthening a order of law and institutions, by seeking to raise good-neighbourhood policy, by a diagnosis and response to a migrant crisis, that it is entirely committed to European values, that it perceives as a achievements of a civilization we should essay to.

Ladies and gentlemen,

At this moment, it is formidable to contend what a EU will demeanour like when Serbia completes a negotiating process, i.e. to what border a EU will be appealing in a domestic and mercantile clarity to all those countries of a Western Balkans that are during some theatre of a advent process. Nonetheless, we wish to trust that Member States will be clever adequate to keep all a advantages of togetherness to breathe a new appetite into a European plan that would make it additionally appealing to claimant countries. we gained a clarity that, over a past years, for reasons we have already overwhelmed upon, a categorical reason call a countries of Europe to come and act together in a duration following a terrible World War II, somehow faded into oblivion. Peace in Europe is priceless, a overarching seductiveness that contingency sojourn recorded in a destiny is assent in Europe, and all a changes in a design of a common European home contingency sojourn destined to this aim.

At a same time, one contingency not forget that a increase routine has been one of a many successful policies in a story of a European project, a routine that desirous a mutation of many countries and broadened a setting for leisure and prosperity. In this regard, advent of a WB countries would additionally strengthen a European idea, during a time when, within a really members, a thought faces hurdles and doubts blurring a ancestral importance.

Ladies and gentlemen,

All options for a destiny are on a list and a shortcoming fibbing with all of us, with all European politicians, is huge. Serbia will make itself equally good and successful during this remodel and negotiating process. we trust that this will be to a satisfaction, and essentially in a interest, of all Member States, and of a Western Balkan region.

Thank we for your attention!”

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