Minister Dacic during a rite of delivering keys to a 2,000th customer of a Regional Housing Programme in a Republic of Serbia

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Ivica DacicAddress by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a rite of delivering keys to a 2,000th customer of a Regional Housing Programme in a Republic of Serbia:

“Distinguished guests,
Dear friends and beneficiaries of a Regional Housing Programme,

In Jun 2017, we had a rite of delivering keys to a 1,000th customer of a Regional Housing Programme, in Pancevo.

I am really gratified that we have collected here today, in Backa Palanka, a year later, to broach a keys to a 2,000th customer – Zoran Mileusnic, who presented himself and common with us his life story and impressions about a Programme.
Zoran is one of a Serb refugees from Croatia, who came to Serbia, with his hermit and parents, in 1995, during a “Storm” operation. He staid here, got married, fathered dual children and, after some-more than twenty years, he will have a home of his own.
I would like to appreciate a customer for his calm and perseverance, given his instance is a explanation that solutions do exist and that a associate citizens, who left their homes as refugees and IDPs, have not been forgotten. The loyal strength and a purpose of a Programme are to contribute, on a unsentimental level, to a alleviation of a vital conditions and fortitude of a formidable interloper situation.
Many of we know that we ceaselessly attend in all events associated to a Programme’s implementation. In a past few years, ever given a Programme entered a theatre of complete implementation, we visited many villages, towns and municipalities in Serbia, witnessing a volume of bid put into a whole routine and a outcome. Some 2,000 families have been accommodated so far, and we design to broach some-more specific solutions before a finish of a year.
I serve wish to remember that Serbia has been implementing a Programme by 8 subprojects, providing for a smoothness of 4 forms of housing solutions: assistance in purchasing encampment houses with farmsteads, placement of building element packages, construction of prefabricated houses and smoothness of apartments. There are now 25 construction sites opposite Serbia, while preparations are underway for opening new ones. We also design to broach additional 30 prefabricated houses and 100 packages of construction material.
Many people and institutions participating in a Programme are operative tough and with loyalty on a Programme’s implementation. we take this event to appreciate them unequivocally for their engagement, unselfish efforts and enthusiasm, in each shred of their work. Our thankfulness also goes to a general partners and shared donors, who have famous a significance of a Programme and offering assistance to a implementation.
In conclusion, we would like to wish a end-users, a Mileusnic family, all a fun and success, and many celebrations in their new home. we trust that we will be means to accomplish all your life goals, in this moneyed municipality.

Thank you.”

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