Minister Dacic during a Conference “New International Reality – Challenges and Prospects”

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Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a opening of a Conference “New International Reality – Challenges and Prospects”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,
Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,

It is my graphic honour and pleasure to have a event to residence this renowned meeting, and we appreciate a organizers for mouth-watering me.

Ever given a commencement of a 21st century, tellurian domestic and certainty developments have altered a universe in many aspects though giving us a probability to foresee a form of certainty hurdles forward of us. All that we can explain with certainty is that stream certainty hurdles have turn transnational and tellurian in character, i.e. that they impact during a same time a array of countries and regions, going over continents. Although still prevalent in a universe of today, inter-state conflicts, once dominated by a use of required armed forces, are increasingly giving proceed to “non-military” threats such as terrorism, orderly crime, flourishing appetite interdependence, appetite apparatus restrictions, cyber and hybrid wars, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including tellurian hurdles like poverty, epidemics and climatic changes. The stream conflicts and flashpoints of crises in a universe are a outcome of amassed mercantile and domestic problems reflected in ever some-more manifest groups on opposite levels, that indicates an needed need for partnerships in building tellurian assent and security. It is hapless that a feeling that prevails in many people currently is that a universe has turn a reduction secure and an increasingly dangerous place to live in. One of a vital reasons for this lies in a fact that many hurdles and threats are totally unpredictable, due to that response to them is possibly deficient or tardy.

Serbia strongly believes in a viability of a beliefs of humanness, tellurian oneness and cooperation, and has so always advocated investiture of partner and accessible family with all a countries in a region, Europe and a world. Even today, opposite a backdrop of violent domestic and mercantile developments on a universe scene, Serbia attempts to minister to a refuge of universe assent and pacific resolution of argumentative issues, by a constructive positions, initiatives and petrify proposals. We are committed to widespread and general family formed on civilizational norms and general law.

May we remember how Serbia responded and continues to respond to a emigration problem. At a conflict of a emigration crisis, Serbia faced a problem that was not probable to solve by uneven measures, though only by proceed of a unified, solidary action. The deficiency of such response demonstrated Europe’s domestic and certainty disadvantage and obstacles to a embracing of a corner approach. Economic and demographic consequences of a predicament can't as nonetheless be perceived, though serve construction will positively follow in a entrance years.

The assessments of Serbia’s activities in this area were a top possible, as good as a general recognition. We still wish that corner efforts will assistance strech a extensive and tolerable resolution on a European level, to that we are prepared to give a contribution, as good as to assume a share of responsibility. Since this problem goes over inhabitant boundaries, an suitable resolution can be found only by a common response and movement of all countries.

Serbia believes that a United Nations beliefs and goals have defended their relevance. Sovereign equivalence of states, refraining from a use of force, non-interference in a inner affairs of other states, pacific allotment of disputes and honour of differences are beliefs whose topicality has withstood a changes on a general turn brought about with a conflict of a 21st century. Nevertheless, a existence creates it obligatory on us to understanding with ever some-more formidable tasks that we do not attend to with adequate solve and courage, nor do we engage all a capacities or take a sufficient volume of corner movement in sequence to yield an sufficient effective response.

A sold plea to Serbia and a segment is acted by a EU increase policy, and a concomitant effects and uncertainties. Today, a European Union is confronting an temperament predicament and review of a purpose of a being in existence. While being wakeful of all those hurdles and a need of carrying out a array of reforms on a EU level, we but trust that progressing a convincing increase policy, formed on transparent and one criteria, is essential both to a segment where we belong, and Europe as a whole. The EU’s Global Security Strategy presented in Jun final year, clearly indicates that a increase routine constitutes a vital investment in European certainty and prosperity, assuring us that a EU is wakeful of a many successful routine that should minister to a fortitude and swell of both a segment and a whole European Union.

Whatever happens in a future, a fact stays that a EU indication is a top turn of formation achieved in complicated domestic history, that has enabled long-term settlement among European peoples and countries with opposite political, certainty and informative heritage. A tolerable mercantile and amicable complement has been reached, providing people with a high customary of living. The European Union has, by and large, turn a tellurian instance of team-work and formation for overcoming crises and ensuring assent and stability. For this reason, Serbia continues to brand full EU membership as a inhabitant vital goal. This is not an finish in itself, for we see European formation essentially as an instrument of remodel doing and modernization of all areas of multitude and a state, and as a highway of ensuring tolerable and durability peace, certainty and certainty in a region. May we remember – for we cruise it necessary, that, nonetheless a bold domestic and mercantile stairs Serbia has taken have been famous by a EU, we am assured that both Serbia and a European Union can, and should, do improved in this respect.

An constituent partial of Serbia’s EU formation routine is a graduation of informal cooperation, both on a shared and multilateral levels. We would like to have honest and constructive talks on all superb issues, and to find durability and tolerable solutions, together with a neighbours. Serbia is committed to discourse that will beam us to emanate a improved domestic and mercantile sourroundings in a region, to a outcome of ensuring peace, fortitude and wealth for all a people. Serbia is reaching a domestic stability, on that it wishes to build a economy, attract unfamiliar investments, make adult for a mislaid time, and minister to informal stability. The swell done by any and each one of us in a segment should be seen by others as an support rather than as a tying factor.

Along with a informal partners, Serbia is strongly reinforcing a infrastructural network of a whole Balkans, contributing as most as probable to transport, energy, mercantile connectivity, and compelling girl cooperation, to a outcome of enhancing a inner capacities, so aligning this partial of Europe with EU acquis communautaire.  The efforts of Belgrade are receiving continual general village support that will, hopefully, be followed by stronger support on a European formation path.

Distinguished participants,

The fact that tellurian certainty hurdles can't bypass a segment requires that a common response be sought in mutual cooperation, as we are wakeful that a hurdles are indivisible and can't be surmounted by any one of us alone. Serbia will continue to support a European aspirations of a neighbours and pursue a routine of troops neutrality, so safeguarding and compelling a inhabitant interests. Such routine will capacitate Serbia to rise team-work and build a family of trust with all pivotal general factors.

Serbia has valid and continues to infer to be a convincing and arguable partner. We are resolutely committed to give a grant – in team-work with a partners worldwide, to a rejecting of threats on regional, European and tellurian levels.

Thank you.”

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