Minister Dacic during a discussion “Promoting Progress on Agenda 2030”

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Ivica DacicClosing matter by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a sub-regional discussion “Promoting Progress on Agenda 2030”:

“Dear Minister Djukic Dejanovic,
Dear Ms. Hershey,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to appreciate we all for participating in and contributing to this critical discussion hold with a aim of compelling swell in a doing of a Agenda 2030. My special thankfulness goes to a President of a Inter-Sectoral Working Group, Minister Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, for her untiring efforts and friendship to a fulfilment of a array of activities a Republic of Serbia has committed itself to, a efforts done towards a graduation of Agenda 2030 and for organizing this conference. The UN Country Team has also done a critical grant to these processes, by ancillary a activities in a rave to this discussion that is poignant for all of us in a region.

Furthermore, we would like to quite appreciate a neighbours for their partial played in a success of a conference, as nonetheless another indicator that team-work and oneness are a best instruments to occupy in sequence to overcome hurdles and grasp preferred results.

I wish to underline that a Republic of Serbia has been entirely committed to a doing of a 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, quite saying that during one point, as a member of pivotal fora such as ECOSOC, a Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals and a Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing, a nation had played an active purpose in defining a goals of a Agenda and a routine of substantiating a financing model.

Even yet a heading purpose in this context is played by Governments, these goals can't be reached but involving a widest accumulation of stakeholders in a multitude while also fostering partnerships during all levels, as we have witnessed during this discussion as well. Within a range of a capacity, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to support both monitoring and doing activities per a Agenda in a Republic of Serbia, a feat of SDGs and a targets, and to attend in a drafting of a news on a implementation. This arise has certain us again that these goals are companion and interdependent, and that it is critical to, while implementing a agenda, share practice during sub-regional, informal and tellurian levels. It is a wish to attest Serbia as a post of informal cooperation, one that is strongly committed to and actively intent in a graduation of family in a region, including a deepening and petrify fulfilment of team-work – many particularly in a horizon of informal initiatives and mechanisms. This discussion has truly demonstrated a need for us to continue to sell knowledge and good practices, joined with operative on domestic solutions in a context of SDG implementation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would also like to stress that Serbia has trustworthy pinnacle significance to a activities and a strengthening of team-work within a UN, and it entirely supports and adheres to a Organization’s beliefs and goals. Building on this, Serbia will continue to act as a partner to all UN Member States that share a beliefs and interests of growth for all and mutual respect. The sell of knowledge and best practices is an indispensable step on a trail of success. The proclivity that drives us and connects us so strongly is during a same time a commitment. The presence of a universe hinges on a opinion we are fostering towards a sourroundings currently and also on a willingness to deposit in environmental growth and preservation. As a obliged member of a general village carrying sealed and validated a Paris Agreement, a Republic of Serbia attempts to make a grant to a tellurian efforts aiming for limit potency in responding to a plea of meridian change.

My special thankfulness goes to a United Nations Country Team and UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia Ms. Karla Hershey for carrying carried out a MAPS Mission, that finished final week with success. It is a expectancy that a news to be created by UN member will make a certain comment of a nation and yield useful discipline for a serve doing of a 2030 Agenda and a harmonization with a chapters in pre-accession talks with a EU, i.e., with a inhabitant priorities. We see a trail to EU membership that we share in common with other states in a segment as a trail to a larger stability, mercantile wealth and a strengthening of approved values. What we essay for is a moneyed multitude that will, as it shares a values with countries in Europe and a universe during large, minister to tellurian fortitude and swell and, above all, support to a needs and contentment of a citizens.
However prolonged a highway forward might be, this eventuality has demonstrated that we can succeed, supposing that a efforts and activities are comprehensive, awake and consistent.
Thank you.”

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