Minister Dacic during a Conference “The Future of News Portals in a Western Balkans”

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Ivica DacicStatement by FDPM/MFA I. Dačić
at a Conference “The Future of News Portals in a Western Balkans”:

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

It is my good pleasure – as First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, as good as a connoisseur publisher – to residence this assembly clinging to a destiny of information.

Although a digital media in Serbia have not as nonetheless taken lead from a normal media, there is no doubt that we are streamer in that direction. For this sold reason, we cruise profitable a practice of those who have overtaken us along that road, such as Great Britain, enabling us to learn from their successes and even some-more from a hurdles they face. we trust that a today’s assembly has been useful generally in this respect, i.e. that it has offering we an event to inspect how to rise digital information models, while avoiding Scylla and Charybdis encountered by a pioneers in this industry, including a BBC, when they went digital, and to bottom your serve growth on a practices that have proven to be a many profitable and many effective.

The hurdles acted to us by digitalization are an event for progress, a roadmap call us to ascent and overcome a existent models. Diplomacy is apparently one of a best examples in that respect. In an information era, digitalization might have brought about a biggest change quite in tact – broadcasting has combined a new height and new modalities for fixation a contents, since tact has roughly wholly incited around a proceed to a margin of information. Traditional tact is deliberate to be a rarely closed discipline, a line of work in that formula are done open usually after they have come to delight possibly in a form of an agreement reached or a covenant signed. Diplomats, who are differently not really penetrating to seem in a media in a initial place unless to speak about a fruits of their efforts that take months and infrequently years, have currently found themselves in a conditions to be means to emanate their possess arguments in a digital media. We have been declare to an ever larger participation of unfamiliar ministries and tactful envoys in a digital landscape, some-more than was a box in a normal media. we am blissful since of it, even yet we am not certain that all my colleagues during a Ministry would determine with me – they are used to operative tirelessly and usually pity a fruits of their work once there was a discernible outcome to present. we trust that they as good as a efforts we deposit together and poignant formula we grasp merit larger recognition, though that a Serbian citizens, during a same time, merit to know that we work dedicatedly to strengthen their interests. The digital context provides us with an event not to be contingent on interpretation from a outside, though to be means to benefaction a work and arguments ourselves. That we have taken this new plea severely is reflected in a series of digital tact workshops we orderly for a staff in team-work with a UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It is in a “democratization” of information that digitalization has brought about, where any particular shapes his/her possess arguments, that we see ways and means to assistance serve growth of society, in further to a hurdles we discussed today. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and not usually this one though any and each state establishment worldwide, needs to set certain standards and hang to them, being heedful of not entering into foe with a media, and instead being their arguable source and partner of integrity. What we see as a charge is to support a veteran media in fighting a inharmonious rumours widespread in a digital media by providing them with accurate information in a timely manner. By participating in a open domain, we are also formulating it to an extent, so temperament a share of shortcoming for a peculiarity of a discuss on digital platforms – a modern-day homogeneous to a ancient Greek agora.

Of course, a same goes to media outlets. Greater leisure implies larger shortcoming – that is something all of us presenting a certain calm need to belong to, both state institutions and a media. This is a usually approach to build a giveaway and obliged multitude we aspire to.

I wish that today’s tour by a digital domain was constructive. As we simulate on a future, it could infer useful to remember a past as good – namely, a owner of a BBC, Mr. John Reith remarkable that a idea of a open broadcasting use was to “educate, surprise and entertain”. And while platforms might change, a principles, if well-established, sojourn as time goes by.

Ladies and gentlemen, appreciate we for your courtesy and we wish us a best of fitness in a cooperation.

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