Minister Dacic during a Conference “Western Balkan Security Challenges and Serbia”

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Ivica DacicKeynote residence by First Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a Conference entitled “Western Balkan Security Challenges and Serbia”:

“Ladies and gentlemen,
It is my pleasure to attend this Conference again, a year later, and we wish to conclude Mrs. Aleksandra Joksimovic for pleasantly mouth-watering me to be a keynote orator and to give an procedure to deliberations on a issues that will be subject of contention during a stirring panels. we would also like to conclude a US Ambassador in Serbia, Mr. Scott, for a support of his Embassy and for his personal grant to make this eventuality happen.

At a time when a universe has been integrating some-more than ever before, when many former borders have come down and when Serbia and a Western Balkans share a destiny of a rest of a creation with courtesy to confronting a certainty challenges, transnational problems need to have transnational response that includes general cooperation, coordination of activities, strengthening of certainty and, in a word, a loyal partnership on all levels. In that context, Serbia has demonstrated eagerness and ability and asserted in use that, as a convincing partner, it shares a shortcoming and a weight in rebellious such challenges. There are many examples of this, from a membership of a Global Coalition Against DAESH and appearance in opposite UN- and EU-led missions and operations, by charitable proceed to migrant crisis, grant to general fora with courtesy to a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, to active support to a UN complement and multilateralism, being a best instrument for elucidate disputes and expelling intensity conflicts.

Starting from a fact that certainty is a pivotal precondition for mercantile and any other swell and that there is no fast segment if tensions overcome in any partial of it, Serbia advocates and actively works to address, nonetheless check and in an open manner, all superb issues that could be a source of destabilization. We would like all a neighbours and partners in a segment to adopt a same proceed because, unfortunately, we do not always get a correct response to a honesty and eagerness to solve problems with full honour of equivalence and mutual understanding.

For a longer duration of time, Serbia has positively been a post of fortitude in this partial of Europe. This has been a outcome of a vital course of a obligatory Government and a low self-assurance that nonetheless fortitude both in Serbia and a segment other critical goals can't be achieved, essentially mercantile and growth ones. Serbia is committed to full certainty and fortitude of a segment and therefore it encourages others to aspire to common interests, to make a informal connectivity as clever as probable and not to intensify usually a differences and make attempts during settling them unilaterally, mostly by a use of force and with indeterminate outcome.

Regional team-work is on a descending line nonetheless a step brazen done is mostly followed by a few stairs back. Examples of resurgence of nationalism, radicalization of domestic stage, confirmation of a ideologies of a past, quite those degraded in a WWII, insisting on interests of one side to be achieved during a shortcoming of a interests of a other side and creation of uneven moves, putting into danger a hard-won informal fortitude and cooperation, giving proceed to augmenting tensions. Solving a problems of a past is a long-lasting, perfected and mostly agonizing process, nonetheless we am strongly assured that a choice to it is not a proceed heading to stability.

I would like to pull your courtesy this time again to one of a pivotal issues of informal security, that of Kosovo and Metohija, that is positively one that covers many of a priorities. In serve to that, Kosovo and Metohija is also a biggest certainty plea for Serbia that many petrify certainty threats branch from. As to a terrorism issue, we wish to underline that a largest series of unfamiliar fighters in DAESH and other militant organizations come from a Province. There is an orderly crime forming also a danger confronting a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija and a hazard to a informative and chronological heritage.

Serbia has put a lot of bid into reaching a Brussels Agreements, and it has implemented these agreements consistently given it had a really clever proclivity to find ways to safeguard systemic, institutionalized insurance of a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija. That is a charge of a community/association of Serbian municipalities nonetheless it has not been determined due to obstructions by Pristina, and therefore a support of a general village is of essential significance for a success of a dialogue.

Serbia stands prepared to find a concede resolution together with a Albanian side in Kosovo and Metohija and it is entirely committed to this goal. It incited out that a position of a countries that famous a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija, saying that “the emanate of Kosovo was resolved” and that a approval by Serbia was a usually probable outcome of a “normalization of family between Belgrade and Pristina”, was wrong. This position indeed pave a proceed for a Pristina side not to step divided from a maximalist position.

Naturally, a resolution is not on a list nonetheless nonetheless it should be sought with calm while a really probability of carrying discussions on a concede is a manifest swell in bargain a positions taken by Serbia in an indomitable and determined demeanour all these years. The thought of delimitation is an choice clearly forked to by President Vucic nonetheless during this really impulse it can't be entirely discernible given it is nonetheless to be negotiated. we mentioned delimitation in prior years several times as a usually choice that could lead to a viable resolution supposing it were a outcome of an bargain reached by a dual sides.

The position confirmed in one partial of a general community, that borders in a Western Balkans might not be changed, is false and irresponsible. It is no other than a Serbian borders that had been altered by Pristina’s uneven acts and bootleg secession upheld by many in a general community, while violating a norms of general law. Therefore, a Serbian-Albanian concede on Kosovo and Metohija corroborated by a general village would not indicate Pandora’s box being opened, for that really self-evident box had already been burst far-reaching open by certain countries’ approval of Pristina’s uneven stipulation of independence. It is uneven acts that wreak havoc, and not dual parties to a brawl legitimately negotiating a concede solution, aiming to discharge a source of instability long-term.

The conditions currently is such that a categorical stakeholders in a general village are prepared to support a resolution should Belgrade and Pristina come adult with and determine on one. And this is a element applied. Sadly, this is interpreted as a matter of either there should be a change of borders or not. Such proceed is blank a indicate altogether because, as we pronounce of Kosovo and Metohija, a change of borders is what compelled some to commend Kosovo and Metohija. And if “Kosovo” was indeed a sui generis case, afterwards it needs to be resolved in a singular way, too. In this context, it is critical to underline that a US, France, a European Commission, Russia, Italy and Austria have publicly voiced in a contacts their support to a routine directed during reaching a pacific and durability solution. The United Kingdom and Germany continue to belong to a process of no change of borders. Serbia tends to be acceptable to such a position too – nonetheless a maze is to that box accurately this is to be applied. Should it be practical starting from Serbia’s box or a box of “Kosovo”? If it was applicable to Serbia’s conditions – how could have someone altered a borders then? And if it was not applicable for a box of Serbia, it is false to impute to it as applicable to “Kosovo”.

An agreement is what we wish for, and we am assured that there would be no obstacles, if Belgrade and Pristina reached an agreement, that has been discussed on several occasions, including by President Vucic who, as we know, has a good attribute with Chancellor Merkel, as good as with a UK, and that there is no reason for any antithesis to a settlement. What concerns me some-more is either Pristina is able of reaching, or even peaceful to reach, an agreement, or is it that they usually wish Presevo, Bujanovac and whatever they can get for themselves? However, we remind we again that we are a prolonged proceed from any details, nonetheless a really thought of talks is good. We need to talk, negotiate and, above all, find a tolerable solution. Proposals that are not tolerable are of no help.

As distant as European formation is concerned, EU membership stays a vital goal, even nonetheless a gait does not simulate a efforts done by Serbia.

We are deeply confident, and we will continue to be a categorical advocate, that posterior a process of European formation is a best pledge of informal fortitude to a countries of a region. We have clearly demonstrated such course by holding an active partial in a concepts of a EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). We are not holding out until this becomes a joining once we enter a EU, nonetheless we share a weight instead in oneness with a EU Member States, assured that certainty is a margin that knows no borders or memberships of any kind. By participating in EU- and UN-mandated assent missions and operations as good as a EU Battlegroup concept, while formulation to take partial in municipal missions as well, Serbia has shown a joining to creation a discernible grant to global, European and informal security, as good as to a honour of general law, so serve affirming that it is Europe-orientated. All of a above activities are also a token of mutual trust and eagerness to share responsibility.

Even nonetheless Serbia, as we know, pursues a process of troops neutrality this is no snag to compelling a team-work with NATO, which, for a part, entirely respects such a process of Serbia’s and creates efforts towards a deepened cooperation.

Cooperation with NATO in a horizon of Partnership for Peace programme is closely related with Serbia’s shared family with NATO Members in many areas with range for their alleviation and serve development. In line with a interests, Serbia has grown certainty team-work with other vital tellurian stakeholders, such as a Russian Federation, China and others, including a Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

In a twelve years given it assimilated a NATO PfP programme, Serbia has had estimable team-work with NATO member and partner states, so contributing to a modernization and strengthening of a armed army and counterclaim capacities. The purpose played by a NATO goal in Kosovo and Metohija is of sold significance to Serbia, and it is a wish that KFOR will sojourn there in an undivided scope. We trust that a position opposite a mutation of a Kosovo Security Force into a “Kosovo Army” will be accepted, and we conclude in sold NATO’s guarantees that a supposed Kosovo Security Force would not have entrance to northern Kosovo. This is essential for a doing of a Brussels Agreement.

Finally, we would like to stress that Serbia will horde dual troops exercises in Oct this year: 1) “Regex 2018” command-staff practice with mechanism simulations, to embody appearance of member from a armed army of both NATO partner countries and parties to partner programmes; and 2) a disaster effect government margin exercise, co-organized with a NATO Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC).

By doing so, we infer to be a arguable and convincing certainty partner, and Serbia will continue to minister to regional, European and tellurian certainty in a destiny as well, to a best of a abilities and, naturally, in line with a possess and common interests.

Thank we for your courtesy and we wish we prolific deliberations during this event.”

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