Minister Dacic during a grave opening rite of awarding contracts for sustenance of construction element to interloper families

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Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a grave opening rite of awarding contracts for sustenance of construction element to interloper families.

“Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

We collected here currently to benefaction contracts extenuation one-time non-refundable assistance in construction element to 302 interloper families, within Subproject 3 of a Regional Housing Programme.

Subproject 3, amounting to a sum value of over EUR 13.5 million, comprises 4 components – construction of flats, smoothness of construction element packages, providing financial assistance for purchasing encampment houses, and building prefabricated houses. The construction of 235 flats in Belgrade’s village of Ovca is good underway and is designed to be finished by a finish of a year. Thus far, 69 families were already supposing housing in encampment houses, while plan pattern growth for 49 prefabricated houses, for that we already awarded contracts in Mar this year, is in progress. Today, additional 302 families will accept construction element to repair, adjust and finish construction of their unprepared houses.

Resolving a interloper emanate is a prolonged and formidable process. we trust that we all determine that a refugees who had been forced to rush their homes via a former SFRY during a finish of final century merit during slightest some certainty in their lives and a renewed dignity, after over 20 years of retreat and conditions no tellurian being deserves in a 21st century. This is why, a Government of a Republic of Serbia, together with a partners, stays strongly committed to and intent in a fulfilment of a Regional Housing Programme, that will secure a roof over conduct to 17,000 families in Serbia.

So far, a sum of 1018 housing solutions has been delivered by a Regional Housing Programme – 485 packages of construction material, 439 encampment and 94 prefabricated houses. As we attend in ceremonies of awarding construction element and prefabricated houses, substructure mill laying, we am gratified to be means to proudly contend that clever work has been in swell via Serbia. we am blissful this is so, for 12 years into a Programme and 5 years after a Donor Conference, we are witnessing a fruits of determined work and work finished by a efficient institutions and general organizations, including a wholehearted support of a collaborators on a ground. we am unapproachable of a petrify formula achieved in a doing of a Programme since they will truly make a disproportion in a lives of families and individuals, a end-users, who will shortly be in their new homes embarking on a new section in their lives. we would like to appreciate them for their calm and diligence and wish them a best of luck.

The Government of a Republic of Serbia has put in substantial appropriation and efforts to assistance all replaced persons. This is a formidable task, saying that in further to refugees from a former SFRY, a Republic of Serbia is also horde to over 200,000 internally replaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija. Even after 18 years, conditions for their tolerable lapse have not been met, while a perpetrators of crimes opposite a Serb race of Kosovo and Metohija have nonetheless to be upheld on sentences they deserve. Instead of philosophy of a perpetrators, families of a victims and Serbian people are left wanting for probity as they remember their mislaid desired ones and ancestral homes burnt down.

We contingency not forget that a sustenance of housing solutions itself is not adequate – a aim is to safeguard sustainability of a Programme. This essentially implies amicable and mercantile conditions being met for tolerable lapse or formation of refugees in a society. Therefore we find that full doing of a Sarajevo Process by all a participants in a Programme is really important. A successful doing of a Programme and good team-work between a countries of a segment usually supplement to a stress of a Regional Housing Programme. This is since sold concerns are lifted by a fact that an increasingly anti-Serb climate, rising series of incidents opposite a Serb inhabitant minority, clear marginalization of minority rights, and a miss of defamation of a pronounced phenomena by tip officials of a Republic of Croatia, as good as a general community, have been remarkable in Croatia over a past several years. This is a clever snag to a lapse and so is a miss of Croatia’s willingness to residence a issues such as a acquired rights and pensions warranted by nonetheless delinquent to Serb refugees from Croatia as good as a emanate of their property. Instead of a constructive proceed and solutions, a Croatian side has, by a newest, due amendments to a Law on Real Estate Tax, even indicated probable taxation of a Serbs’ dull houses and burnt plots, their weekend cottages and comforts for rest and recreation.

The Regional Housing Programme contingency offer as an instance of a good use for solution a emanate of replaced persons and overcoming conflicts and open issues of a past in all countries, also contributing to a allotment routine and informal fortitude and prosperity.

We are all wakeful that we are traffic with singular resources while a needs of a refugees influenced are extensive. The series of applications submitted vastly surpasses a series of accessible housing solutions. For this reason we need to deposit corner efforts to safeguard sufficient appropriation for a allotment of housing emanate for those influenced a most.

I would like to echo a huge stress of a Programme and a Sarajevo Process. It goes over state borders and demonstrates that team-work and corner efforts, if there is good will, can produce tolerable and durable solutions to support for interloper needs. It shows a energy of oneness and understanding, though also a significance of being flexible. In this context, we take this arise to appreciate again all those who have famous a significance and contributed to a growth and swell – a European Union, a United States of America, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Romania, a Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and all other donors, anticipating we have left nobody out. We see as quite critical a support extended by a Office of a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and a OSCE in a doing of a Programme, while a Council of Europe Development Bank played an instrumental purpose in handling a Trust Fund.

I have to echo that a account about a Great Serbian charge on Croatia is a large lie. The film about refugees we have seen shows a bulk of a phony concerning a purported Great Serbian aggression. None of we had left from Serbia to wreak massacre in Benkovac, Zagreb or elsewhere. This is a prosaic distortion a general village contingency not spin a blind eye to. In a early 1990s some-more than half a million Serbs lived in Croatia, and today, some twenty years later, there are a small 180,000 of them left there. You were persecuted and forced out of your ancestral homes and a general village contingency not sojourn blind to this fact.

I am unapproachable of all a finish users and participants in a doing of a Regional Housing Programme and we wish that a duration to come will see us holding partial in many identical events.

Thank you.”

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