Minister Dacic during a coronation of “EXPO- Russia Serbia” trade show

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Following are a remarks done by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a coronation of a “EXPO- Russia Serbia 2017” trade show, that non-stop currently in Belgrade.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,

I have a pleasure to acquire we during a opening rite of this critical and now normal mercantile event, holding place in Belgrade for a fourth time, and to extend my comfortable acquire to a Russian partners.

I would quite like to underline a seductiveness of a Republic of Serbia in serve growth of a altogether family with a Russian Federation, on a basement of a vital partnership and both sides’ joining to their deepening in all areas.

On seductiveness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia and in my ability as Co-Chairman of a Serbia-Russia Intergovernmental Committee on Trade, Economic, Technical and Scientific Cooperation, we demonstrate my clever and undeniable support to all corner efforts directed during serve encouragement and diversification of mercantile cooperation. Events like a one we are attending currently yield opportunities for meetings and discourse between member of open and private sectors of a dual countries and are gainful to a some-more appealing sourroundings for mercantile team-work and investments.

The story of abounding and jointly intertwining family between a Republic of Serbia and a Russian Federation testifies to a common seductiveness and a need for tighten team-work in opposite areas, clearly paving a proceed to destiny activities and giving procedure to creation full use of a opportunities for an even some-more energetic business cooperation. Institutional support, that positively exists both on Serbian and Russian sides, permeating all levels of state and business structures, is another poignant aspect of formulating a sensitive business environment.

I have a good pleasure to endorse what we all already know really well, that a trade and business family between a dual countries are building and apropos some-more substantive, notwithstanding a existent hurdles and hurdles during a general level. We are meddlesome in a delay of all a certain trends, fervent of enhancing appetite team-work with a Russian Federation, of augmenting a volume of trade sell (in 2016, it amounted to EUR 2,086 billion) and expanding a structure of a exports to Russia, as good as of completing a ongoing and embarking on new infrastructural projects.

We design a arriving duration to see not usually a arise in investment cooperation, though also an boost in Serbia’s exports to Russia, in a same proceed we design all a potentials of Serbian economy to be seized, generally in a areas of tourism and automotive industry, in further to a normal trade of construction materials, seat and rural produce.

We are enlivening a Russian partners and internal entrepreneurs to make estimable use of a advantages offering by a Free Trade Agreement between a dual countries. The participation and a performances of a Russian companies handling on a Serbian marketplace in a banking zone and in sectors of energy, rail infrastructure and other areas, consecrate a plain basement for Russian investors to welcome a pro-active proceed in a enlightened business environment.

I am assured that a good business contacts between Serbian and Russian entrepreneurs will be validated during today’s eventuality once again, and that this trade uncover will supplement poignant procedure to a some-more complete business and mercantile cooperation, and to a consolidation of a altogether shared team-work between a dual accessible countries.

Dear participants of a trade show,

I would like to seize today’s event to underline, once again, a joining of a Government of a Republic of Serbia to a growth of a altogether mercantile team-work with a Russian Federation, and my belief  that this and identical events will outcome in appearance of discernible business arrangements.

I am also beholden to a organizers for carrying invited me and we wish we a best of fitness in your work!”

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