Minister Dacic during a spontaneous assembly of EU unfamiliar ministers and ministers of claimant countries

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dacic bratislava_3920162Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, H. E. Mr. Ivica Dacic In an Informal Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs(Gymnich) in Bratislava:

Mr. Chairman,

Dear associate Ministers,

I am severely gratified for this event to pronounce to we now about a confidence hurdles that competence establish a destiny of a European Union – about terrorism, extremism and radicalism, a phenomena we are increasingly faced with, and that we contingency tackle together.

As Al-Qaeda, Daesh and their globally swelling branches came into existence, terrorism remade itself into a new materialisation of concept character, so posing an even some-more dangerous threat. The materialisation of “foreign militant fighters” (FTFs), essentially entrance from a girl race and flourishing some-more radicalized in unfamiliar battlefields, has spawned new transnational risks.

Over a years preceding a entrance of Daesh, Serbia has been warning, mostly to no avail, of a arise of Islamic extremism and radicalism in a Western Balkans, that also manifested itself in militant attacks on a military hire in Bugojno, a US Embassy in Sarajevo, a military hire in Zvornik. Many extremists, who are even now fighting in a Middle East battlefields, used to join a supposed “Kosovo Liberation Army” during a Kosovo conflict, and had formerly been concerned in conflicts in a area of a former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The sum series of a recruited FTFs in a WB segment is not negligible- according to a estimates, around 900 people from a Western Balkans are now intent in a area of Syria and Iraq; out of a pronounced number, around 400 are entrance from Bosnia and Herzegovina, while around 300 are entrance from Kosovo and Metohija, many of whom are scandalous for their impassioned savagery or appearance in self-murder attacks. Forty-one people from a area of Raska have also taken partial in conflicts in Syria and Iraq so far, that means that Serbia has a slightest unfamiliar fighters in a region, in comparison to a sum population. FTFs entrance from a Western Balkans are streamer for a battlefields directly from a European countries, as well. The supports are lifted both in a Western Balkans and in a countries of a EU. We should keep it in mind that a infancy of FTFs are aged between 15 and 35, and that whole families, who have embraced a Daesh ideology, are streamer for a battlefields.

These additionally radicalized fighters are returning and staying in hold with militant cells, enchanting in promotion activities with a aim of mobilizing new FTFs and carrying them ecstatic to a battlefields, so posing a consistent danger, due to a risk of proceed militant actions being carried out, not usually in a WB segment territory, though also Europe-wide. Besides, we are witnessing a huge migrant wave, melancholy to inundate a European Union, bringing a certain series of terrorists, extremists and unfamiliar fighters, in serve to millions of worried individuals. Self-radicalized persons, prone towards militant organizations and their ideologies, who have not been identified as members of possibly militant or nonconformist groups, poise an additional challenge.

Esteemed colleagues, Europe is faced with a augmenting hazard of militant attacks, identical to those in Belgium, France, Germany and Turkey, and with a needed need to hinder and timely exhibit intentions of possibly people or organizations, as good as to cut off terrorism-related financial flows and a recruitment flows of unfamiliar militant fighters, and to find a best methods to conceal extremism and radicalization, of girl in particular, in a possess society. Countering terrorism and extremism by odious measures usually is not enough, it is also required to residence a essential emanate of formation of people of all eremite and domestic backgrounds into a complicated society, formed on common values, in together with fostering inter-faith dialogue.

Emerging threats and hurdles need an innovative approach, during both inhabitant and general levels. We should all minister to these efforts by operative together and by mutual understanding, information sharing, and coordination of measures undertaken and a high turn of trust.

From a really beginning, Serbia has assimilated a Global Coalition opposite Daesh/ISIL and has finished a grant to a border of a abilities. As a final year’s OSCE Chair, in a first, politico-military dimension, we focused a courtesy on terrorism as a priority. We have been auxiliary in a assessments of a state of play with courtesy to terrorism in a segment and in pity operational information. Major breakthroughs have been finished during a inhabitant turn as well: a Criminal Code has supposing for a criminalization of activities associated to a recruitment of unfamiliar militant fighters and their impasse in unfamiliar conflicts, several inhabitant strategies have been adopted, while a adoption of counter-terrorism plan is now in a final stages.

Serbia has worked devotedly to grasp a idea of full membership of a European Union. We trust and wish that this year would move about opening of other negotiating chapters and that we are going to make serve swell in a negotiations on already non-stop chapters, by embracing European norms and standards. The Western Balkans segment is an initial ante-room heading to a EU, and therefore Serbia, as a convincing and obliged country, has been operative wholeheartedly and devotedly on progressing informal stability. The swell finished by any of us away means swell for a segment as a whole, since informal team-work is a common requirement and a precondition for advent to EU membership. Serbia’s course is to control an open discourse on all superb issues, to overcome a bad bequest of a past, and to inspire a routine of settlement in a region.

However, Serbia’s regard is that a aged forms of extremism have been regenerated in a neighbourhood, by proceed and surreptitious attempts during compelling and rehabilitating Nazi and Fascist ideologies from a past, that were degraded in a Second World War. This has been finished in several ways by a confirmation of these ideologies’ black and iconography, that a central authorities have unsuccessful to condemn. The strength of European democracies, mercantile growth and arguable values of a present-day Europe and a European Union rest on a freedom-loving traditions and a age-long aspirations of European nations for assent and cooperation, that were definitively achieved by a pretentious feat won and by complicated waste paid in defeating Nazi-Fascism.

Drawing on a past experiences, a Republic of Serbia resolutely believes that pre-emptive movement and stemming a base causes of a presentation of impassioned and radicalized domestic and eremite movements and ideologies are a hint of a efforts directed during progressing assent and fortitude in a future. For my part, we trust that all of us have adequate strength, good will, integrity and bravery not to concede a replacement of a ideas proven wrong in a past and passage in a blossom a incoming and ever-growing misshapen politico-religious ideologies. Any form of radicalism and extremism is unsuitable to us and Serbia will, as in a past, sojourn a committed and arguable partner to a European Union, in a onslaught opposite these threats to a existent European order.

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