Minister Dacic during a opening of a full event of a Parliamentary Assembly of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

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Statement by H.E. Mr. IVICA DACIC during a rite opening of a full event of a General Assembly of a Parliamentary Assembly of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Belgrade, 30 Nov 2016:

“Madam Speaker of a National Assembly,

Distinguished Presidents of Parliaments,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my good honour to acquire we on interest of a Government of a Republic of Serbia in my ability as Chair of a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

I am severely gratified that Belgrade has over a past few months been a centre of vital activities of a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation and a associated bodies. In November, a Meeting of Transport Ministers BSEC Member States was hosted by a Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of a Republic of Serbia, while currently a National Assembly of a Republic of Serbia plays horde to a parliamentary delegations and on 8 Dec a Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will classify a assembly of a Business Council and on 13 Dec a assembly of a Council of Foreign Ministers will move to an finish a six-month Chairmanship of a Organization, that will afterwards send to a Republic of Turkey.

In terms of a areas of a work, a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation is a formidable ubiquitous classification covering many mercantile and amicable areas in a countries. However, all this complexity combines in a singular eminent idea of consolidating peace, fortitude and confidence for a consequence of ubiquitous gratification of a Black Sea region. It is a Organization that has famous a correct approach to strech this idea by formulating essential conditions for institutionally joining a countries by team-work in areas of essential significance such as a economy, combating orderly crime, health and pharmaceuticals as good as team-work in emergencies, including those requiring continual swell like scholarship and technology, communications and education. Experts from a countries have determined approach contacts among them, exchanged practice and concluded common objectives, skeleton and projects, noticing thereby a approach of achieving inhabitant interests as well.

At a commencement of a Chairmanship we have summarized a series of priorities to concentration a activities on:

1. Enhancing mercantile team-work among BSEC Member States with significance on facilitating and improving trade and tourism, being identified by all Member States as  sectors with  vast potential, to that all Member States can minister and pull certain advantages from;

2. As a apart shred of  economic  cooperation,  focus  will  be  on  the  areas  of  traffic  and transport, temperament in mind that this is a categorical precondition for a doing of team-work on any other form of infrastructure connectivity between a entities, as also reflected during a Meeting of Transport Ministers of a Member States hold on 1 Nov 2016 in Belgrade. Road ride is one of a many active fields of BSEC cooperation, generally per user licenses for ride in a domain of a Member States;

3. Improving team-work with other ubiquitous organisations and initiatives, quite with a European Union and a United Nations. In this context, a assembly with member of a EU Working Party on Eastern Europe and Central Asia (COEST) was hold in Brussels, and a 71st Session of a UN General Assembly in New York adopted a fortitude concerning team-work between a Organization of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation and a United Nations, on 21 Nov 2016.

4. Reform  of  a Organisation  with  the  aim  of  asserting  its  project  orientation,  careful spending and achieving functionality.

I truly trust that we have succeeded in assembly a tasks we set for ourselves on 1 Jul 2016 when we took over a BSEC Chairmanship, holding into comment a formidable domestic resources prevalent in a Black Sea shred by respecting all a Member States and not except a differences existent between them, while focusing on what we share in common – a enterprise for economic, informative and amicable wealth and encouragement of team-work in areas that might infer useful in that respect.

I would like to remember during a same time that subsequent year will symbol 25 years from a pregnancy of a Organization, and a Republic of Serbia stands prepared to commemorate this critical anniversary accordingly. We visualize a holding of seminars/roundtable discussions on informal team-work within BSEC Member States as good as a distribution of a postage stamp with suitable motif.

In closing, we would like to appreciate Madam Speaker of a National Assembly for an glorious classification of a assembly and to indicate to a significance of activities she has undertaken over a past months in her ability as Chair of a Parliamentary Assembly of a Black Sea Economic Cooperation and by holding partial in countless meetings of Parliamentary Assemblies of ubiquitous organizations.

Thank you.”

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