Minister Dacic attended a Informal OSCE Ministerial Council in Mauerbach

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Remarks by HE Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia during a Informal OSCE Ministerial Council hold in Mauerbach, 11 Jul 2017:

“Distinguished Chairperson-in-Office Minister Kurz,
Your Excellences,
Dear Colleagues,

Let me start by thanking a Austrian OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office for organizing this timely assembly on such a applicable subject during this smashing venue that will, we hope, kindle open and straightforward discussions today. Our exchanges, if constructive, could minister to a lapse of honour and certainty among us. Serbia stays resolutely committed to work with other participating States to safeguard assent and fortitude in a OSCE area.

Mr. Chairperson,

The bulk of hurdles for a countries and a OSCE direct a corner and concurrent efforts. Despite a obligatory need for togetherness and common engagement, regrettably we are witnessing rising distrust and a miss of discourse among participating States.

The predicament in and around Ukraine is unfortunately still going on in annoy of all a efforts. For a fourth uninterrupted year civilians continue to suffer, that is unacceptable. At a same time, we are deeply endangered about continual impediments to a leisure of movement, visit danger and attacks on a monitors and skill of a OSCE, that resulted inter alia in a comfortless genocide of a SMM paramedic on 23 April. All sides are called on to entirely and completely honour a cease-fire, finish all hostilities and exercise a supplies of a Minsk Agreements, including a verifiable and durability withdrawal of complicated weapons.

Serbia continues to support a work of a Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine that is a many manifest component of a OSCE response to this crisis, as good as all other constructive efforts dedicated to anticipating a pacific fortitude of a predicament in full honour of OSCE principles.

Mr. Chairperson,

Terrorist methods, as we are witnessing, are removing reduction sophisticated, though some-more fatal and some-more formidable to prevent. Fighting terrorism, including unaffected and umbrella defamation of a acts of terrorism in all a forms and manifestations, stays during a tip of a agenda. The communication debate United in Countering Violent Extremism, launched during a chairmanship in 2015 continues to send a clever summary opposite radicalization, dogmatism and extremism. Serbia strongly supports a OSCE opposite terrorism efforts, including a priority of a Austrian Chairmanship to rivet and commission a girl in tackling VERLT.

Alongside with combating terrorism and VERLT, we all need to work together opposite rising injustice and xenophobia. Suppressing a terrorism and extremism can't be used as stratagem for swelling fears and loathing opposite migrants and all minority groups in a societies.

The materialisation of migration, on a other hand, should be deliberate in a entirety and contingency sojourn to be a priority. We trust that a OSCE should take a extensive approach, acid for a holistic response to this intensely critical challenge. Serbia on a partial continues to yield a migrants with required assistance.

On cyber security, we sojourn committed to a ultimate idea – pacific and secure cyberspace for all. In that regard, Serbia supports a doing of a concluded certainty building measures. We are prepared to continue a work on a growth of a subsequent set of measures. Their adoption would serve endorse a OSCE’s critical purpose in this area.

Serbia entirely supports a structured discourse in line with a Hamburg Ministerial Declaration. Discussions on a well-chosen topics hold this open were constructive and have indicated both convergences and divergences among a participating States that need to be serve explored. Our deliberations should continue by a pure and thorough routine that should be owned and driven by participating States, but synthetic deadlines or a fixed outcome. As FSC Chair in a final trimester of a year, Serbia looks brazen to team-work on this critical issue.

Mr. Chairperson,

Allow me to seize this event to echo Serbia’s vital course towards European integration, as good as for dialogue, assent and settlement that should minister to informal stability. We all have to demeanour towards a destiny and altogether prosperity, in sold for youth, and a some-more extensive and cultivatable team-work on a corner European path.

Let me also underline a joining towards a EU-led discourse with Priština and to a doing of all agreements reached so far, in sold on a prolonged awaited investiture of a Community of Serb Municipalities. We trust that an open and honest discourse is a usually approach to urge a bland lives of a people vital in Kosovo and Metohija.

Distinguished Colleagues,

As pronounced before, miss of trust is severely stopping a functioning of a Organization. Let me interpretation by expressing a self-assurance that, regardless of all a differences, a nurse functioning of a OSCE, including a appointment of a Secretary General and a heads of institutions, should be a common priority. In this regard, let’s try to uncover a shortcoming and overcome a differences.

I appreciate we for your attention.”

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