Minister Dacic attending a discussion “New Perspectives for a Western Balkans”

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Ivica DacicStatement by FDPM/MFA I. Dacic during a International Conference “New Perspectives for a Western Balkans” orderly by a International Security Affairs Centre (ISAC):

“Mr. Pajevic,
Ladies and gentlemen,

May I, initial of all, appreciate a Fund of a International Security Affairs Centre (ISAC) for mouth-watering me to take partial in this Conference, this time again, on seductiveness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia. we am really gratified to have a event to residence a Conference, for a fourth uninterrupted year. we am assured that any sell of views on this thesis can minister to a clearer notice of Serbia’s positions and a unequivocal grant to a EU’s foreign, confidence and counterclaim policies.

In a context of EU integration, a prior year was a year of expectations, aspirations and tough work on Serbia’s advent to a European Union and a membership in this Organization. Although we trust that a energetic of a advent routine does not compare a remodel efforts and achievements, we am gratified to note that uninformed stairs have been made, some traffic chapters opened, so returning a Western Balkans to a concentration of a European Union. It is hapless that no swell has been done in honour of procession underneath Chapter 31. The screening news continues to figure on a bulletin of a EU Council and a EU Member States, notwithstanding a fact that 4 years have elapsed given a screening assembly for this section took place. Regardless of that, we are strongly committed to be prepared for a activities that will follow a adoption of a news and a familiarization with a contents. For this reason we have undertaken compulsory preparations and training to safeguard that we have, when a time comes, a peculiarity negotiating position, with honour of a set standards, and adequate credentials for a opening of Chapter 31.
I wish to underline that Serbia supports all changes launched in a EU with a aim of strengthening a Common Security and Defence Policy, instituted by a adoption of a EU Global Strategy and a Implementation Plan on Security and Defence, European Defence Action Plan, European Defence Fund, Coordinated Annual Review on Defence, and quite a Permanent Structured Cooperation, i.e. PESCO – projects and initiatives that Serbia actively keeps sideways with and supports, prepared to actively join them, as shortly as a conditions have been met. Particular courtesy is positively focused on a origination of PESCO, and we are rarely meddlesome in probable appearance of claimant countries in this initiative. It is on a European Union to brand a possibilities and intensity modalities, while we sojourn open to talks and probable rendezvous in this margin of European policies.
Serbia also followed a activities on a gain of a EU Global Strategy, and proceeded to a research as shortly as it was publicized. As we know, we were quite speedy by a fact that a EU Global Strategy clearly highlighted that a European fortitude and confidence are fortuitous on a fortitude in a Balkans, and that a convincing increase routine is investment in European confidence and prosperity.
The changes in a vital sourroundings have imposed a need for modifying inhabitant papers in a confidence and counterclaim field. Serbia has drawn adult a new breeze National Security Strategy and Defence Strategy, that have been submitted for open debate. The essential commitments that have guided us in this routine embody an integrated proceed to security, troops neutrality and joining to join a European Union.
I trust that we will determine with me when we contend that Chapter 31 is all too mostly viewed usually by a viewpoint of a fixing with EU decisions and declarations. Countless efforts, activities and accomplishments of a Republic of Serbia in other areas within a same section are being unjustifiably and foul overlooked, those proof that Serbia is a arguable partner, prepared to share shortcoming in confronting confidence hurdles and in compelling European security. we would like to take this event to pull your courtesy to some of these.
In Oct final year, a turn of shared domestic consultations was hold with a European External Action Service, in that we participated personally, while early this year a second turn of consultations between a EEAS and a Western Balkans Six followed. These meetings presented us with an glorious event to plead not usually a family between Serbia or a Western Balkans and a EU, nonetheless also countless other topics of general relevance. It is my faith that open and frank communication is pivotal to clearing adult any misunderstandings, and as we pronounced earlier, a right proceed to foster team-work and build mutual trust.
I would like to note that a Republic of Serbia, by participating in multinational operations shares shortcoming as a convincing partner, while contributing to a upkeep of assent and security. Namely, Serbia is now participating in 4 EU-mandated operations: one in Mali and a Central African Republic each, and dual some-more in Somalia. In serve to EU assent missions, Serbia has also taken partial in UN-mandated missions, as ninth European nation according to a distance of personnel, and third largest writer in Europe in propinquity to a population. We are resolutely committed to improving a grant by secondment of municipal crew to multinational assent support operations. To this end, Serbia has taken stairs towards substantiating a compulsory legislative and institutional framework, including by amendments to a Law on Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, it is a expectancy that an Action Plan to build ability for a secondment of civilians to multinational operations would be adopted shortly.
Allow me to remember that a Republic of Serbia is one of usually 4 non-EU Member States that sealed an Administrative Arrangement with a European Defence Agency. Also, following a preference to join a EU Battlegroup concept, Serbia assimilated a HELBROC battlegroup as well. we am assured that this will minister to a graduation of cooperation, not usually with a EU, nonetheless also with a member countries of this initiative.
In Nov 2017 we seconded a inhabitant relationship officer to a European Union Military Staff (EUMS). Even nonetheless Serbia has nonetheless to join a EU, such an event was done probable to us as an countenance of thankfulness and appreciation for a Republic of Serbia’s appearance in a EU-mandated operations and missions so far, nonetheless also as a outcome of a mutual comment that this would minister to strengthening a team-work serve and augmenting a potency of communication.
Serbia’s appearance in new projects and initiatives is in a seductiveness of all, it being profitable to a growth of operational capacities of a Republic of Serbia, to a strengthening of interoperability and team-work with EU Member States, nonetheless is also of significance to a EU as a whole and a Member States. We are all a some-more wakeful that stream confidence threats and hurdles go over state bounds and surpass abilities and capacities of a singular nation or region. To be means to yield an adequate response, it is obligatory on us to concur closely, coordinate a actions and furnish a best efforts. The emigration predicament has shown in sold a border to that a mutual team-work and solidarity-based proceed is needed. For a part, Serbia has proven by a possess instance that it is prepared to take a share of shortcoming and make a poignant grant to a allotment of a predicament and reaching a common solution. The focal points of predicament in a evident neighbourhood, terrorism, radicalization and many other hurdles during a global, European and informal turn clearly prove that we need to sojourn committed to mutual cooperation.
Ladies and gentlemen,
All a inputs and activities undertaken by Serbia underneath Chapter 31 are not probable to enumerate in a singular statement, nonetheless we trust that this is adequate to indicate out that Chapter 31 is most some-more than a small commission of alignment. It is transparent to us that this matter attracts a good understanding of courtesy and we are peaceful to plainly plead this and other topics during all times. Serbia aims unquestionably to turn a bone-fide member of a European Union and we are wakeful of all a charge that we need to accommodate before we join a EU. However, we contingency pull courtesy to a significance of preserving territorial integrity, we trust not usually in a box of a nation nonetheless also that of any other nation in a world. Serbia has adopted a unchanging proceed to decisions on alignment, and it is always guided by a same principle. We can't retaliate by aligning with a decisions opposite those who support and support a tactful efforts.
I would like to use this event as good to echo that we sojourn committed to informal fortitude and discourse on a normalization of family with Pristina, nonetheless a team-work and partnership of a other celebration to a discourse is also required, essentially in a clarity that it implements a commitments stemming from a agreements already reached. we call once again on member of a European Union to entirely support a ask for finish doing of all EU-facilitated agreements. It is unfit that Pristina unilaterally justification a supplies of a Brussels Agreement and constantly throws tool in a works of a investiture of a Community of infancy Serb Municipalities. Honouring agreements, that have been really formidable for a side too, and refraining from provocations and progressing fortitude are in a seductiveness of us all.
Developments in Kosovo and Metohija over a past years have clearly shown that an general participation in Kosovo and Metohija is a must, essentially for a purpose of securing a life together giveaway from interruption for all inhabitants vital there. The conditions on a belligerent is still fragile, while a provisional institutions of self-government in Pristina are unqualified of guaranteeing reserve and confidence of all citizens. Like in a past duration we can't rest on Pristina to yield guarantees of a order of law and equivalence before a law. Therefore, we titillate a EU to keep a charge of EULEX in a benefaction capacity, though shortening a range of a powers.
In conclusion, we would like to re-emphasize a willingness of Serbia to speak on all issues, to ceaselessly lower a team-work and take partial in EU initiatives. we wish that it is some-more than transparent that Serbia is a convincing and obliged partner that does not usually wait to assume a obligations once it becomes a bone-fide EU member nonetheless that is proactive, peaceful to shoulder both a weight and responsibilities, as a crony and partner of all EU Member States.
Thank we for your courtesy and we wish that we shall see any other subsequent year too.”

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