Minister Dacic attending a Ministerial Meeting of Non-Aligned CountrieS in New York

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Statement by Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia during The Ministerial Meeting  of a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries.

„Mr. Chairman
,Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to residence a Ministerial Meeting of a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries and appreciate a Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a stream Chairman, for organizing it.

The Republic of Serbia, a inheritor State of Yugoslavia, a first Member State of a Movement, attaches good significance to a role. For many years, a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, a singular domestic choice in a duration of a Cold War, contributed to shortening tensions and building a opposite world, formed on universal, eminent goals of durability assent and security, emperor equivalence of States, amicable justice, tolerable growth and honour for tellurian rights.

The Republic of Serbia is committed to auxiliary with a Member States of a Movement and, in a context of contemporary general family and guided by a beliefs of a Charter of a United Nations, supports a efforts to strengthen a purpose of a Movement in advocating a goals and objectives of a building countries and a height for compelling their interests during a general level. Also, by participating frequently during a Movement’s Summits and Meetings, my nation confirms unquestionably a significance it attaches to a activities and work.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The thesis of a Meeting, “Promulgation and Implementation of Unilateral Coercive Measures, in Violation of International Law and a Human Rights of a Peoples Subjected to Them”, is of peerless significance for reassessing a stream general family and preventing uneven actions and solutions to ongoing conflicts and crises in a world. Regrettably, Serbia has been during a receiving finish of these mortal measures and witnessed their comfortless consequences. The preference to use armed force opposite a Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was taken and carried out though a authorisation of a Security Council, that led not usually to sum defilement of a emperor rights of my country, though also to a undermining of a Security Council’s management and a primary shortcoming in a upkeep of general assent and security.

Let me remember that a ‘humanitarian intervention’ assertions with courtesy to Kosovo and Metohija were not a assertions of a Security Council or any other convincing body. The bid of ‘humanitarian intervention’, Mr. Chairman, as a basement for a use of armed force is in pointy contrariety with a use of a International Court of Justice and a papers adopted underneath a auspices of a United Nations. That idea has never turn partial of general law as evinced, among others, by a 2005 World Summit Outcome in that it is validated that “the applicable supplies of a Charter are sufficient to residence a […] threats to general assent and security” and that it is ‘the management of a Security Council to charge coercive movement to say and revive general assent and security.” It goes on to highlight “the significance of behaving in suitability with a functions and beliefs of a Charter.” UNSCR 1244 (1999) is not, nor can it be, a post factum authorisation of a use of force opposite a Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The Republic of Serbia opposes in element a event and doing of uneven coercive measures and division in inner affairs of emperor States. We call for refrain from threats and support allotment of all disputes by pacific means in suitability with general law and full honour for a beliefs of government and territorial firmness of States. In a stream conditions and processes of addressing a formidable hurdles of today, we cruise that it is required to strengthen multilateralism and urge a functioning of general institutions, essentially of a United Nations. Convinced that general law is a post of a fortitude of a general domestic and confidence architecture, while unilateralism is a means of tensions, we trust and trust that assent can be achieved by a extensive proceed formed on concerting a interests of all stakeholders.


I take this event to appreciate a countless Members of a Movement for unchanging confluence to a beliefs of a sequence of law within general proportions and their refusal to commend a uneven stipulation of autonomy of ‘Kosovo’, a defilement of a simple beliefs of a Charter of a United Nations, Helsinki Final Act and UNSCR 1244 (1999). In safeguarding a possess government and territorial integrity, a Republic of Serbia is also defending, as a matter of principle, general law and a autarchic management of a Security Council to say general assent and security. We are good wakeful that a highway for those station by Serbia currently in a only onslaught for preserving a territorial firmness and fortifying a beliefs of a Charter of a United Nations has not been easy, only as was not a decades-long highway that Serbia traversed as it stood by many of we in your slow for inhabitant ransom and a emancipation from colonial rule.

The Republic of Serbia will continue to foster a family and delight a normal loyalty with a Members of a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, including team-work in all areas of mutual interest. The joining of a Movement to, and a support of, a graduation of equality, a only general sequence and larger oneness continue to be really critical for contemporary general relations. In that, dear friends, we can always count on a support and partnership of Serbia.

Thank we for courtesy and understanding.”

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