Minister Dacic attends Greek Days in Belgrade event

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Greek Days in Belgrade eventFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic, together with Ambassador of a Hellenic Republic to a Republic of Serbia Elias Eliadis and Mayor of Jagodina Dragan Markovic, visited currently a eventuality Greek Days in Belgrade and muster entitled “Ancient Greece”, on arrangement during a Museum of Yugoslavia.

Minister Dacic emphasized that Serbia and Greece were tied by holds of good loyalty as good as poignant mutual assistance and support. He also removed a clever ties fake between Serbia and Greece by history.

“Serbia is evermore beholden to Greece for a assistance it supposing to a Serbian Army in World War I. In further to a Blue Tomb, a Chilandari Monastery is nonetheless another Serbian holy site located in a domain of Greece, so we can contend that Greece and Serbia are tied by destiny as well.

I am gratified that a shared team-work has been developing, with my reflection Minister Nikos Kotzias carrying visited Serbia recently. we will be travelling to Athens in early May to attend in a discussion of a Visegrad Group. We are building a relations, fervent of constantly improving them.”

The Serbian Foreign Minister underlined that Dragan Markovic had contributed to a graduation of Serbia-Greece family for a series of years.

Mr. Markovic voiced thankfulness to a Greek Ambassador, who currently announced that Mr. Markovic was allocated Honorary Consul of Greece with a chair during Jagodina.

“It is now obligatory on me to work even harder towards closer team-work between a dual countries. It is my honour to be allocated Honorary Consul of a Hellenic Republic in Jagodina. The consular post will have office in Pomoravlje, Sumadija, Resava and Branicevo districts”, resolved Mr. Markovic in his statement.

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