Minister Dacic attends UN Security Council assembly on a work of UNMIK

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Ivica Dacic - UNStatement by H.E. Mr. IVICA DACIC, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia during a assembly of a Security Council of a United Nations clinging to a work of a United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo:

“Madam President,
Distinguished Members of a Security Council,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I appreciate a Secretary-General, Mr. Gutteres and his Special Representative and Head of UNMIK Mr. Zahir Tanin for a Report on a work of UNMIK and their committed rendezvous in a doing of a charge that a Security Council entrusted to a Mission by a Resolution 1244 (1999).

I shall be open and candid in my statement. For some time now, some members of a Security Council have called for a shortening of a magnitude of a stating and a convening of a meetings; some for a change of a meetings’ format and origination it closed. More radical ideas have also been bandied hereabout: that a Mission be terminated, that a charge be changed, that it be remade into a domestic mission, etc. We know some of a arguments put brazen in that regard: a Security Council bulletin is congested, a crises in Syria and Yemen are exquisite with a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija. Yet, we call on we to listen to my arguments and to cruise about them, too.

The conditions in Kosovo and Metohija has altered given 1999, nonetheless it is distant from ideal. It is transparent from all preceding Reports that Kosovo is not a ‘young democracy’ and ‘multi-ethnic society’ opposed occasional challenges, as some outcome it to be. The Reports lift really critical questions, usually as does a conditions on a ground: Has genuine settlement among communities occurred in Kosovo and Metohija? Have perpetrators of all crimes been punished? Are a elemental tellurian rights of minority communities reputable in Kosovo and Metohija? Have internally replaced persons been enabled to return? Regrettably, a answer to all these questions is ‘No’.

I shall plead a stream Report and a events that took place in this stating duration after on; before that, though, we would like to indicate to some critical contribution that all of we office for a stop of a Mission or a rebate of a series of a meetings should bear in mind.

UNMIK has been benefaction in a margin already for 19 years and has finished many to change a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija. A good office has been done, nonetheless it has not been completed. A prolonged highway has been traversed given 1999; many time was indispensable to move a member of Belgrade and Priština to lay during a same list and embark negotiations. First agreements were not easy to achieve, nonetheless they were achieved nonetheless. Even nonetheless we have been opposed vast problems in a doing of a agreements by Priština from a really beginning, we continue to trust that a usually approach to find a long-term tolerable resolution is discourse and that it contingency be resumed. we therefore cruise that it is a avocation and an requirement of a Security Council to assistance find such a resolution and normalize a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija, that is, we contingency not forget, critical also for a fortitude of a whole region.

Much bid has been finished to stabilise a conditions all these years and usually if we continue to residence all open questions peacefully can we design to normalize a conditions in a Province. We must, therefore, not concede that, by some reckless and nonessential moves, all a efforts that we have finished so distant be put in jeopardy. This is because we call on we to demeanour during a broader design and support a efforts to arrive during a durability resolution together. The calls to downsize UNMIK and revoke a budget, change a charge or make Security Council meetings reduction revisit tumble distant brief of contributing to a origination of a meridian gainful to a feat of these goals. They usually supplement to a existent rifts both among a Members of a Security Council and between Belgrade and Priština. At this impulse we do not need a back-and-forth plead on either a Security Council should persevere 3 hours each 3 months (12 hours per year) to this subject indeed. What we do need is to exercise all agreements nonetheless adding conditions and to find solutions for all unused issues usually by dialogue.

Distinguished Members of a Security Council,

Let me contend now a few difference about a stream Report of a Secretary-General and a events on a belligerent that took place in this stating period. They yield revelation justification that a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija continues to be inconstant and that general participation is still really many needed. You will substantially remember that we all were repelled during a final assembly by a heartless murder of Oliver Ivanović, a personality of a Freedom, Democracy, Justice commencement and one of a many renowned Serbian politicians in Kosovo and Metohija. Priština’s member vowed to “leave no mill unturned until a perpetrators […] are brought to justice.” The perpetrators have not been tracked down and brought to justice, while subsequent to zero is famous about a review solely that no swell has been finished and that it has been taken over by a Special Prosecution Office of ‘Kosovo’ “due to a complexity of a case”.

Entire Serbia and a Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, in particular, were cracked and deeply concerned, Madam President, over a events that took place in Kosovska Mitrovica on 26 March. On that day, a talks within a inner discourse on Kosovo and Metohija were interrupted in a barbarous act by masked members of a special units of ‘Kosovo Police’, armed to a teeth. A heartless raid of a building with a use of exposed force opposite unarmed civilians threw a dangerous, insane and unsuitable poise of member of a Provisional Institutions of Self-Government into pointy relief. Director of a Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Đurić and other officials of a Government of Serbia, as good as a Ministers in a provincial supervision of Kosovo and Metohija from a Serbian village and a deputies in a provincial Parliament and other citizens, 36 of them, were harmed in a raid. One Serb, a Minister in a provincial government, was hospitalized.

Unlawfully apprehended, Director Đurić, a arch adjudicator of a Serbian side in a technical discourse with Priština, was ill-treated and beaten and, his hands cuffed, eventually dragged in front of an orchestrated arrangement of host loathing paraded by a streets of Priština in an indecorous act of chagrin unrecorded, we will agree, in a story of diplomacy. we wish we have all seen shots of what happened and how Pristina manhandled a arch adjudicator on a Serbian side. And how is Mr. Đurić approaching to lay again during a negotiating list in a arise of such a treatment? Priština sought to transparent this poise by alleging that a revisit of Mr. Đurić had not been approved, that is positively not true. Notification of a revisit in line with a Agreement on a Arrangement of Official Visits, finished underneath a auspices of a European Union, had been sent in time, in fact approach before a deadline supposing for in a Agreement.

It is formidable to know this act in any other approach nonetheless as a irritation of a Priština side. It dealt a critical blow to a discourse and accounted for a defilement of assent and confidence not usually of a Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija, nonetheless also of a whole region. It is expressive explanation of a instability of a conditions in a Province and of a speed with that assent and confidence tumble chase to insane and biased acts. We were repelled by what happened in Kosovo and Metohija on that day, usually as we were sad by a deficiency of correct response by a European Union, a monitor of a dialogue, in particular. EULEX, a Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo and Metohija, is ostensible to manage a sequence of law, including a control of ‘Kosovo police’. KFOR, also, incited a blind eye to a actions of a special units of ‘Kosovo police’ notwithstanding before agreements according to that it should have prevented a members of a special units from entrance to a north of a Province with a infancy Serbian race where a pronounced occurrence occurred in a initial place. we will remind we that we have sealed a Brussels Agreement together with Hashim Taci and Catherine Ashton. Before a signature of a Agreement we visited NATO Headquarters in Brussels where Secretary General Rasmussen during a time undertook a requirement on seductiveness of KFOR to forestall any armed conflict opposite a domain inhabited by infancy Serbian race nonetheless a consent. How this occurrence could have happened then? Threat or use of force contingency not be tolerated in any resources and contingency be unreservedly, clearly and unquestionably cursed by all applicable general factors. we should usually like to remind we once again that Marko Djuric came to Kosovo and Metohija to speak about a domestic resolution to a problem of Kosovo and Metohija. He did not come there to means rebellion or do anything discordant to a Brussels dialogue. Has anyone available any such unfavourable diagnosis of tactful member of a State as occurred in Pristina? We are articulate about Head of a Negotiating Team who sat with them a few days before during a same list like we do now. Imagine that anyone of we sitting here being paraded by a streets with hands cuffed and plead assent and discourse in a process! Their intentions were utterly clear.

We share a courtesy of a Secretary-General over a control of ‘Kosovo police’ in a operation of a detain of Mr Đurić, that resulted in a series of injuries and support his call for a consummate exploration into a 26 Mar events, with visual transformation in box of failures to urge tellurian rights.

We had a event during a new assembly in Skopje to hear from Bojko Borissov himself, whose nation now binds a Presidency of a European Union, contend clearly in front of all of us to Hashim Taci: Has it had to be like that? Serbia’s response was restrained.

These operations are means for good courtesy over Priština’s aspirations to begin, by changing and expanding a charge of a supposed ‘Kosovo Security Force’, a routine of their mutation into ‘Kosovo Armed Forces’. This would be not usually a extreme defilement of UNSCR 1244 (1999) and a Kumanovo Military Technical Agreement, nonetheless also a vast step towards destabilizing a confidence conditions in a Province and a whole region. The Resolution, we recall, does not yield for a investiture of ‘Kosovo Armed Forces’; what it does yield for is that KFOR is a usually authorised troops force in Kosovo and Metohija and obliged for all confidence aspects in a Province. The refuge of KFOR’s standing neutrality and a undivided presence, therefore, is of peerless significance for a fulfilment of a mandate. Let me indicate out that a European Union and NATO have not upheld Priština’s intentions to settle an ‘Army of Kosovo’ and we design that they will continue to urge their position consistently. What we would like to pull your courtesy to on this arise is that a series of countries, EU and NATO members, has supposed a accreditation of a supposed ‘Kosovo troops attaches’ in defilement of UNSCR 1244 (1999). Under a Resolution, Priština might not have an army or a Ministry of Defence and, for that matter, ‘military attaches’. According to that supplies of a Vienna Convention should this be done? How can an entity that we commend as an eccentric State have counterclaim attaches if it has no armry of a own?

Mme President,

I would like to remind we once again that Serbia is resolutely committed to elucidate all issues by discourse and, in that, we have demonstrated substantial domestic majority and shortcoming in a past years. Five years ago, we privately sealed a First Agreement of Principles Governing a Normalization of Relations between Belgrade and Priština, a supposed Brussels Agreement. As we already said, that Agreement was not easy to grasp during all and a obligations we insincere underneath a Agreement were not easy to implement. Yet, we did exercise roughly all of them, including a politically many supportive ones, such as a formation of a military and judiciary. On a other hand, Priština also insincere a obligations by signing a Agreement, a many critical of that is a investiture of a Community of Serbian Municipalities, contained in as many as 6 supplies of a Agreement. This is, we emphasize, a pivotal partial of a Agreement and a requirement that, notwithstanding steady calls by a general community, Priština has not implemented all these years. As a consequence, instead of analysing a achievements of a Community in a final 5 years, we continue to speak of a investiture even today. The investiture of a Community is of essential and huge significance for Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija Serbs, given it is designed to strengthen their critical interests, pledge a refuge of their temperament and urge their bland life. Its investiture is not and contingency not be a gesticulate of one’s goodwill, nonetheless a right achieved and guaranteed by all a signatories of a Brussels Agreement, including a European Union. It is not probable to exercise agreements selectively and to change them unilaterally. The Community contingency be determined in suitability with a Brussels Agreement, a beliefs and Implementation Plan.

Statements that might be listened from Priština’s representatives, like a many new one to a outcome that a investiture of a Community of Serbian Municipalities is fortuitous on a extenuation of a ‘chair’ in a United Nations endorse that Priština has no genuine goal to do a obligations underneath a Brussels Agreement and that it is grossly violating it instead. It is with bewail that we have to note that a Head of EU Office in Kosovo, transgressing a mandate, voiced her support for this height of Priština in vulgar negligence of a Agreement to that a European Union put a seal. We have reason to trust that, 5 years late, Priština embarks on this routine disingenuously notwithstanding a assertions that measures will be taken in honour of a Community. We are fearful that this might really good be nonetheless another domestic stratagem, directed during shortening general pressure, rather than genuine willingness to finally approve with a obligations that Priština has assumed. It is therefore required that a Security Council call today, in one voice, for a investiture of a Community of Serbian Municipalities nonetheless delay. Repeated calls to both parties to do a obligations they have insincere are inappropriate, for one side, Mme President, has already finished so, a other has not.
To make certain that what is concluded on is complied with, to foster a doing of a Brussels Agreement and to urge fortitude and settle a sequence of law in Kosovo and Metohija, general participation is essential. In this regard, a stream turn of EULEX competencies contingency be maintained.

Potential changes, though, would have to be carried out underneath a sharp eye of a Security Council. All along, it contingency be borne in mind that such changes would impact a work of a other Missions (KFOR, UNMIK, OMIK) and that they would have to change, too, if they are to continue to duty unencumbered. The send of EULEX competencies to a Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, however, would move about a detriment of a standing neutrality of a Mission and supplement to a confirmation of a artificial statehood of ‘Kosovo’.

Mme President,

It would be really lingering of me not to mention, also on this occasion, 200 000 diminished Serbs and non-Albanians and a vast series of broken and burnt churches, monasteries and cultural-historical monuments. It is pronounced in a Report that a UNHCR available 3 intentional earnings in a stating period. You’ve listened well: three. Do we trust that it is adequate and that a general village should give adult and stop formulating conditions in Kosovo and Metohija to make it probable for internally replaced persons to lapse and comprehend their rights? This is a smallest that we owe to all those who could not lapse home to Kosovo and Metohija to this really day. Is a fact that usually 1.9 per cent of internally replaced persons have achieved tolerable earnings not an justification clever adequate in foster of a check of UNMIK’s activities and of a strengthening?

The new capricious arrests during a Jarinje channel yield plenty justification of a assault resorted to by a Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, i.e. of a miss of will of a Priština side to foster genuine democracy and a sequence of law and honour simple tellurian rights and elemental freedoms. Most often, tip lists, gathered especially on a basement of fake reports and built evidence, are used to make these arrests. They are directed during formulating distrust and fear among a Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, impact their leisure of transformation and daunt a lapse of internally replaced persons. The series of returnees can frequency be approaching to boost unless systemic solutions are introduced to residence a problems that disease them each day. Their count, creates a prolonged and sad list indeed: in serve to capricious arrests, they embody institutional discrimination, intimidation, disaster to permit inhabitant and eremite loathing and ethnically encouraged violence, personal and skill distrust and a deficiency of a sequence of law, as good as a corruption of monuments, a petrify instances of that are mentioned also in a Report.

I repeat also on this occasion: a crimes committed in Kosovo and Metohija contingency not go unpunished. The routine of opposed a law is a initial step to reconciliation, nonetheless it is required that all those who committed crimes be finished to comment for them. For a part, Serbia has finished vast stairs in that direction. Conversely, a perpetrators of crimes opposite Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija have not been punished, not even 19 years later. Positions hold by some people in a Provisional Institutions of Self-Government can and contingency not hinder a office of justice. It is a matter of grave courtesy for us that no complaint has nonetheless been brought in a Specialist Chambers for a crimes committed by a ‘Kosovo Liberation Army’ and that a commencement of a work of a Chambers is being constantly postponed.

In his reflections on his time as Specialist Prosecutor, David Schwendiman summed adult this courtesy well: “Haste is no crony of justice, nonetheless conjunction is irrational delay. The serve things get from when crimes were committed, a reduction convincing efforts to residence them are going to seem and a weaker a notice of their efforts as legitimate is going to be.”
In support a laws, entirely aligned with general law, Serbia will not terminate from prosecuting a persons for whom there is justification that they have committed a rapist corruption of fight crime opposite a municipal race in Kosovo and Metohija. The new preference of INTERPOL to re-issue Notices for a certain series of people charged with a elect of crimes in Kosovo and Metohija is really critical in that regard.

Mme President,

Distinguished Members of a Security Council,
Serbia protects a inhabitant and State interests, entirely respecting a beliefs of general law including, primarily, a beliefs of government and territorial integrity. It will continue to use all tactful means opposite Priština’s secessionist attempts that set a dangerous fashion already embraced, as we have seen, by separatist movements in other tools of a world. we am assured that, if conceivably found in Serbia’s situation, nothing of we would act differently. All of Serbia’s attempts simulate a efforts to urge a government and territorial firmness and, ipso facto, a management of general law, United Nations Charter and legally-binding UNSCR 1244 (1999). And to underline a unacceptability of unilateralism as a approach of elucidate any doubt in general relations.

For a prolonged time now, we have been declare to Priština’s attempts to join general organizations. The many new have been a applications to UNESCO, INTERPOL and a World Customs Organization. These attempts, let me indicate out, run opposite to a simple beliefs of general law and politicize dangerously and unnecessarily a work of these organizations.

In conclusion, we would like to appreciate all countries that have not famous a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo for their unchanging support and scrupulous honour of a Charter of a United Nations and UNSCR 1244 (1999), as good as those that have cold approval or are deliberation it. we would also like, in this context, to advise a Members of a Security Council that criticism a withdrawals that their protests are not contributory to a query for an fit and effective resolution of a problem. Unconditional support of one side is not a approach to strech compromise. We provide all of you, renowned Members of this important body, as friends and partners. A reciprocal treatment, including a larger bargain of a position and arguments, would be welcome, usually as it is expected. We were on a same side during both World Wars. On 28 Jul this year we shall symbol 100 years given a Serbian dwindle was initial flown over a White House and all open buildings in a United States on a sequence of a afterwards President Woodrow Wilson to honour a huge pang of a Serbian people in a First World War. French President Macron is approaching to revisit Serbia this year. He will unveil, with President Vučić, a renovated relic Gratitude to France built to honour a ancestral fondness in a First World War. A Summit of a European Union and a Western Balkans on a European destiny of a segment will be hold in London in July. Serbia wants to find a common seductiveness with a Western countries. After all, there can be no durability assent and fortitude in a Balkans and all of Europe nonetheless honour for a interests of Serbia and a Serbian people.

Serbia’s process is a process of assent and mercantile linkage and prosperity. we therefore call on all of we once again to concentration on a query for a concede and tolerable resolution to this decades-long problem, so that a Western Balkans as a whole might turn a segment of durability peace, stability, confidence and mutual trust.
Thank you, Mme President.”

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