Minister Dacic bids farewell to central deputy of a Russian Foreign Ministry Zakharova

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Ivica Dacic with Maria ZakharovaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic bid currently farewell to a Spokesperson of a Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, before her depart from Hotel Moscow and finale her central revisit to Serbia.

Zakharova thanked Minister Dacic for a whole judgment of her revisit that was, in her possess opinion, amazing.

“I am grateful to Ivica since he himself was obliged for all a arrangements that were so touching and unbelievable. we had a eventuality also to see a genuine Serbia that we would never have seen differently on an central visit”, pronounced Zakharova.

She commented that routinely when she done central visits she went by airports, stayed during hotels and attended central events, so that on all those occasions she had no eventuality to see a loyal face of a country.

“I saw Serbia, a genuine and colourful one, and we saw how people live here”, she pronounced adding that insofar as business meetings, exchanges and socializing in Serbia it was intensely chaotic that there were dual rounds of consultations instead of usually one scheduled.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs orderly even a second turn of consultations final night on issues of a technical nature. We could have met usually once, though it was so engaging that we motionless to accommodate twice”, commented Zakharova.

According to her, Guca wail festival “is a large festival, a outrageous eventuality that thrills and inspires, a multiple of complicated and normal attracting younger generations”.

Zakharova, who over coffee and a Moscow cake with Minister Dacic let a press in on a small tip that visitors during Guca came to her observant that they also wanted to hear Russian wail players during a festival.

“They told me that they would like to horde a Leningrad group, and we immediately got in hold with Sergey Shnurov who pronounced to me that this was an engaging thought and that he would try and classify it subsequent year”, Zakharova combined by recalling that a Leningrad organisation had trumpeters on a rope and that Shnurov could make a good foe with Serbian trumpeters.

Ivica Dacic voiced interjection to Zakharova for a revisit which, as he put it, was of a operative inlet and took place in a context of domestic consultations on team-work skeleton between a dual Ministries.
“Working consultations were hold in a margin of open tact in a broadest clarity that is led by Ms. Zakharova during a Foreign Ministry of a Russian Federation”, settled Dacic.

He pronounced that a Zakharova revisit was given good courtesy in a media and that it contributed to good family between a dual states and dual peoples.

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