Minister Dacic confers with Austrian Vice-Chancellor Strache

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Dacic and StracheFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic paid a revisit to Vienna currently where he met Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache.

“I would like to demonstrate good pleasure over my revisit and talks with my co-worker and crony Strache.

The family between a dual countries are on a continued descending line. There is an sell of visits on tip level. Vice-Chancellor Strache visited Belgrade in February, a President of Austria finished his revisit to Serbia yesterday and we are awaiting a Chancellor’s visit. Next year we will symbol 145th anniversary of a investiture of a tactful family and we design Foreign Minister Kneissl to compensate a visit.

We wish a team-work to be extensive and we voice pleasure during a growth of a shared relations.

Austria is one of a many critical trade partners of Serbia. There is around 1,000 companies owned by Austrian nationals or authorised entities from a domain of Austria that occupy several tens of thousands of workers in Serbia. Our blurb sell amounted to roughly a billion euro final year. We design mercantile team-work to serve develop.

I would like to appreciate Austria for a support it offers concerning a European arrangement path. We are wakeful of a significance of a European arrangement routine and of a harmonization of a complement with EU standards and values in that regard, that is also poignant for a remodel of multitude as a whole.

Austria is one of a countries charity biggest support to Serbia on a trail towards a EU. Also, we would like to appreciate Austria for holding a initiative, in a ability as a stream EU Presidency, for opening as many chapters as possible.

Signing of a Memorandum on Cooperation between a Academy for Public Administration of a Republic of Serbia and a Federal Academy for Public Administration of a Republic of Austria, is a really critical eventuality on a bulletin today.

There are no superb issues with Austria solely for opposite interpretation of a emanate of Kosovo. Serbia is meddlesome in elucidate all informal superb issues. Serbia is advocating informal stability, assent and reconciliation. Solving of superb issues can be excusable usually if interests of all sides are respected.

We mount prepared to make understandings and to control discourse with Pristina. We design EU, facilitating a dialogue, to put additional vigour to exercise what has already been concluded on and sealed 5 years ago. Recently, it was 2,000 days given a Community of Serbian Municipalities was not established. We reason this emanate to be a really critical one as this was a condition on a basement of that we have sealed a Brussels Agreement. It is transparent that this emanate can't be resolved though respecting mutual interests though also though respecting particular interests both of a Serbian and Albanian peoples.

We wish to play an active purpose though though willingness to find a concede and though honour for a seductiveness of a Serbian people vital in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia will not give in to a vigour of elucidate a Kosovo standing emanate on a basement of uneven acts upheld by Pristina in a before period.

We ask all a friends to keep in mind this position of Serbia and to give a possibility to discourse and reaching of a peaceful, concede solution.

Pristina keeps on creation uneven acts such as yesterday’s preference to start transformation, i.e. arrangement of a army of Kosovo. This is in transgression of all resolutions of general organizations such as a UNSC Resolution 1244.
We reason a perspective that before to reaching agreement these issues need to be on a agenda.

The position of Austria is really critical as regards issues of Interpol, UNESCO and other general organizations Kosovo is perplexing to obtain a membership of and use it for a graduation of a statehood.

I am really confident with a talks we had with Mr. Strache. The revisit was another step brazen towards serve graduation of a accessible relations”, a Head of Serbian Diplomacy pronounced during a corner press discussion following a meeting.

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