Minister Dacic confers with a Secretary of State of a Holy See

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Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic has met currently with Secretary of State of a Holy See Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Following a meeting, Minister Dacic underlined during a press discussion that it was his good honour that Cardinal Parolin supposed his invitation to compensate a revisit to Serbia, quite as he was a highest-ranking central of a Holy See to revisit a country.

Minister Dacic forked out that Serbia was fervent of serve compelling and heightening a family and team-work with a Vatican, assessed as fast and good, and that this revisit would give a certain incentive to a serve graduation of mutual relations.

“There is a high turn of harmony as to a poignant general issues such as: insurance of Christians and Christian heritage; graduation of tellurian rights of Christians, refugees and migrants; UN Sustainable Development Agenda implementation; expulsion of poverty, family care; environmental protection; quarrel opposite meridian change, etc. In that context, we should continue to foster a team-work within general organizations and in a unfamiliar process area in general”, Minister Dacic emphasized.

Minister Dacic underscored that it was of significance that a team-work was in a seductiveness of all peoples including a churches with a perspective to informal stability, good family and seeking common interests for a future.

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