Minister Dacic converses with a Vice President of a People’s Republic of China

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In a march of his revisit to a People’s Republic of China, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic was perceived by Vice President of a People’s Republic of China Li Yuanchao.

The interlocutors remarkable that a shared family between their countries where on a continual upswing in all areas, characterized by a high turn of mutual certainty and support, that was of critical interest.

Vice President Li sensitive a Serbian Foreign Minister of a growth goals and a remodel bulletin of a PR of China. They reliable a significance of a synergy between a “Belt and Road” beginning and Serbia’s inhabitant growth strategy, reflected in corner projects – a overpass on a Danube, shred of E763 motorway, cross-border Belgrade – Budapest railway modernization plan and a privatization of Smederevo Steelworks.

Vice President Li removed a good memories of his initial revisit to Serbia some-more than thirty years ago, while Minister Dacic invited him to compensate another revisit to Serbia.

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