Minister Dacic has a series of shared meetings in Venezuela

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dacic predsednik_bolivije_18920161First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic is staying in Venezuela, where he is participating in a 17th Summit of a Non-Aligned Movement.

Minister Dacic talked to President of Bolivia Evo Morales about a critical emanate of inhabitant seductiveness for a Republic of Serbia – confluence to a beliefs of general law. The Serbian Foreign Minister thanked President Morales for Bolivia’s scrupulous position per a honour of a territorial firmness and government of states, also expressing a eagerness of a Republic of Serbia to lower a shared family with Bolivia. The President of Bolivia highlighted that Serbia enjoyed outrageous honour and recognition in Bolivia, and that he was a romantic believer of a eminent Serbian tennis actor Novak Djokovic.

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic met currently in Venezuela a Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne. It was jointly highlighted in a assembly that a dual countries’ shared team-work was underdeveloped. On this occasion, a areas of team-work of mutual seductiveness have been established.

Minister Dacic also talked to his counterpart, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh Shoukry. Minister Dacic talked to Egypt’s Minister about a serve deepening of a shared team-work in all areas, and about a enrichment of team-work during a mercantile and multilateral level. The dual interlocutors also discussed Egypt’s activities in a Security Council, Egypt being a non-permanent member. Minister Dacic took this arise to entice his co-worker to revisit Serbia, that Minister Shoukry accepted, adding that he approaching to revisit Belgrade in a nearby future.

In a assembly with Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of a Republic of South Africa Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, both sides voiced their eagerness to serve urge shared cooperation, and highlighted a fact that a mercantile family should conform to a already really good family between a states. The assembly also overwhelmed on team-work during a general level, including a process followed by a Republic of South Africa in a Non-Aligned Movement, while Minister Dacic invited his co-worker to revisit Belgrade.

Minister Dacic also met currently in Venezuela a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, Osman Saleh Mohammed. On this occasion, a dual Ministers resolved that there was outrageous intensity and room for serve growth of a shared relations. In a meeting, special courtesy was accorded to a significance of a element of confluence to general law, government of states and a element of territorial integrity. Both sides voiced their eagerness for a dual countries to concur during a multilateral level, too.

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