Minister Dacic in Moscow has talks with Deputy Prime Minister of a Russian Federation, Gazprom CEO

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Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic is currently visiting Moscow to take partial in a Russian Energy Week’s general appetite forum.

During his stay in Moscow, a Serbian Foreign Minister met with Deputy Prime Minister of a Russian Federation and Co-Chairman of a Serbia-Russia Intergovernmental Committee on Trade, Economic and Scientific-Technological Cooperation, Yury Borisov, as good as with a CEO of Gazprom company, Alexey Miller.

“Meeting with a Russian Federation’s Deputy Prime Minister was really critical given we concluded to reason a event of a Intergovernmental Committee in November, in Belgrade. It is concluded to report a assembly before to a formerly announced revisit by President of a Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Belgrade, and to take this event to plead all topics applicable to a cooperation.

At today’s meeting, we endorsed that there was a certain trend in a growth of a dual countries’ mercantile relations, and that a unfamiliar trade is on a arise each year. Last year, a altogether trade totalled EUR 2.5 billion, and it is estimated that a stream year would tip this figure.

Furthermore, we also had talks with Alexey Miller, a CEO of Gazprom, association of good significance for Serbia’s appetite security.

He sensitive me about a construction works on a Turkish Stream and of a talks between his association and Bulgaria on a fulfilment of a plan of gas tube around Bulgaria to Serbia.

This is really critical matter for Serbia, as a nation is contingent on one gas supply track usually – that going from Russia by Ukraine. On a other hand, a try to build a South Stream had formerly unsuccessful due to deterrent by Bulgaria and a EU/European Commission.

For Serbia, a emanate of carrying another gas supply track is one of good importance. We determined with a Russian side that there are no obstacles in this context; that we are positively in foster of a corner construction of such infrastructure by Serbia, though that all family with Bulgaria should be staid so as to equivocate new problems associated to building a pipeline.

Minister Aleksandar Antic is also in Moscow to have talks in his capacity, all in a seductiveness of a graduation of family between a Russian Federation and Serbia”, pronounced a Serbian Foreign Minister after his meetings in Moscow.

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