Minister Dacic in New York participated in a assembly of a General Assembly of a UN on refugees and migrants

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radni rucak_govor_njujork_20920164Statement of a First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a United Nations General Assembly high turn assembly on addressing vast movements of refugees and migrants :

Mr. President of a General Assembly,

Mr. Secretary-General,

Your Excellencies,

At a outset, we would like to appreciate a Presidents of a 70th and 71st sessions of a General Assembly for co-hosting this really critical meeting.

We are in a midst of a really critical interloper and migrant crisis, a largest such difficulty given a finish of World War II, that is not subsiding though is, on a contrary, heightening in terms of range and magnitude. Nine months after a preference was reached to assemble this Meeting, a conditions is even worse and some-more complex, with no extensive fortitude in sight. Despite critical efforts to residence these and other flourishing challenges, a general village has unsuccessful so distant to adopt an adequate proceed to a fortitude of this problem. It is transparent that we need to find a fortitude for a categorical root-causes of a difficulty and to put an finish to wars and conflicts that have constructed a largest series of refugees.

My nation is located along one of a vital routes for a transformation of refugees, a supposed Western Balkans route. Over a past year and a half some-more than 700,000 refugees and migrants transited by Serbia. We demonstrated a oneness and humanity, for that Serbia frequently receives regard from migrants themselves, though also from UN agencies and a general community. We have orderly accepting centers, accommodation and transport. We have supposing food, clothing, medical and special caring for women, girls and children, as good as for a aged and sick. Our consolation for refugees and migrants and essential bargain of their pang and difficulty stems from a fact that we have been faced with a problem of refugees and IDPs for some-more than dual decades. Our nation is even currently home to a sum of 250,000 refugees and IDPs vital in long displacement, a largest series in Europe. We have been creation extensive efforts to find durable, usually solutions for refugees from a segment and for IDPs on a domain who are in long displacement. The rebate in a series of refugees in a domain of a former Yugoslavia was mostly a outcome of their formation in a Republic of Serbia, that concerned over 300,000 people. In this way, Serbia gimlet a largest weight of a durable fortitude for a interloper problem. Regrettably, out of 200,000 IDPs, usually 4,000 of them or 1.9% of a persons diminished 17 years ago from a range of Kosovo and Metohija have returned to their homes.

The migrants entrance to Serbia arrive from EU countries and essay to strech northern EU members. When northern sections of a track are closed, there is a risk that Serbia becomes a bottleneck for several thousand migrants stranded in Serbia, that is already a case. Currently, there are some-more than 7,000 migrants and asylum-seekers in Serbia. In coordination with a neighbors along a Western Balkans track we have undertaken measures to forestall strange emigration and conceal a activities of rapist bootlegging groups. Although a liquid of refugees and migrants has rather decreased given Mar of this year, due to a active impasse of rapist groups, a Western Balkans track is distant from closed. We do not wish to make walls and we are prepared to uncover oneness and bear a share of a weight of a crisis. However, as a nation with a problem of long banishment for some-more than twenty years, we do not have a ability to be a long-term, mass preserve for migrants. Therefore, we titillate for a extensive European and tellurian fortitude and estimable burden-sharing. The Republic of Serbia done a oath during a London Conference on Syria in Feb 2016 and donated EUR 500,000 to UNICEF for a preparation of children in Syria.

Today’s adoption of a Declaration has put in place a domestic horizon for addressing issues of refugees and migrants. What is indispensable now is that a jointly mobilized domestic will be translated into action. Serbia is prepared to work together on a doing of goals set out in a Declaration.

Thank you.

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