Minister Dacic in talks with Christian Danielsson

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks currently with Christian Danielsson, Director General of a European Commission’s Directorate General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations.

In a talks, they validated that a destiny of a Republic of Serbia belonged in a European Union, stressing a remodel routine and activities carried out by a Serbian Government were on good track. Both sides voiced compensation that dual some-more negotiating chapters would be non-stop on 27 Feb during a 5th EU-Serbia Intergovernmental Conference, namely Chapter 20 (Industrial routine and entrepreneurship) as good as Chapter 26 (Education and culture) that would be sealed immediately on opening. The energetic of a advent routine was assessed as stable, saying that Serbia will shortly have non-stop a sum of 8 negotiating chapters, while dual some-more chapters would sojourn proviosionally closed.

The officials also discussed serve European formation and opening of new chapters in a duration to come. Minister Dacic stressed Serbia’s expectancy that a advent routine would be continued and accelerated in a entrance period, since Serbia had demonstrated a high remodel ability as good as clever executive capacities. He forked out that a proceed to consider Serbia’s swell in a advent talks usually by a Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, a success of that depended on a willingness of both sides to act in a seductiveness of stability, was counterproductive and not tolerable in a prolonged run. In this way, a stress of extensive reforms carried out in a advent routine was being downplayed and larger significance trustworthy to domestic issues.

Among a topics discussed in a talks was a conditions in a region, quite in a light of a fact that today, on Bakir Izetbegovic’s decision, an focus was filed to a International Court of Justice, though agree of a Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to correct a ICJ visualisation concerning a box of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. a Republic of Serbia. Minister Dacic underlined Serbia’s joining to informal team-work and refuge of informal team-work as good as a prerequisite for other stakeholders in a segment to act in a same manner. He underlined that Serbia’s routine concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina in a prior duration done no disastrous grant whatsoever in this context and that, on a contrary, Serbia did all to foster altogether family with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such a step by a Bosniak member of a Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegovic, was in approach transgression of a efforts directed during extensive settlement in a region. He estimated that it was not usually a fortitude of Bosnia-Herzegovina being threatened, though also that of a whole segment so shifting behind into a past, instead of pragmatically looking brazen into a future, on a basement of common interests. Serbia is deeply saddened by such developments and would commence all measures to strengthen a interests and a interests of a Serb people in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In a talks, a Head of Serbian tact underlined that Serbia would sojourn unchanging in a routine of good-neighbourly family and settlement in a region, that it had followed so far, though would not concede any chagrin or acts of feeling opposite a Serb people. In this context, he referred to a conditions in Croatia, informing his interlocutor that Serbia had on several occasions been compelled to conflict to extreme attempts of revisionism of Ustasha and Nazi politics carried out during a NDH, implying plea opposite anything associated toSerbia, and that a Croatian authorities done no try to put an finish to. The Minister stressed that this was not only a emanate concerning persons belonging to a Serb village in Croatia, though initial and inaugural an emanate of values and beliefs during a really core of a EU that an EU Member State indispensable to belong to.

At a assembly they also discussed a incoming Western Balkans Summit, to be hold in a horizon of a “Berlin Process” in Trieste on 12 July.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic sensitive his interlocutor about a activities in a horizon of a “Connectivity Agenda”, informal girl cooperation, as good as a beginning that a Summit should plead strengthening of mercantile formation in a region.

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