Minister Dacic in talks with President of Serbia – Japan Friendship

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived currently President of Serbia – Japan Friendship and former Ambassador to Serbia Tadashi Nagai.

In a talks, Minister Dacic voiced his sold compensation with a turn of shared family between Serbia and Japan. The Minister forked out a seductiveness of Serbia in serve strengthening domestic dialogue, exchanging high- and top-level visits, compelling mercantile cooperation, augmenting Japanese investments, as good as heightening other forms of cooperation. He congratulated Japan on hosting a 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Ambassador Nagai estimated that a shared family between a dual countries were on a rise, stressing a significance of strengthening both mercantile and other forms of cooperation, essentially in enlightenment and education, as good as a strengthening of approach contacts between individuals, business people and organizations entrance from a dual countries.

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