Minister Dacic on a two-day revisit to Norway

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norveskaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic is on a two-day revisit to a Kingdom of Norway, during a invitation of Norwegian Foreign Minister Mr. Børge Brende, where he will, in further to talks with his counterpart, accommodate with members of a Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence of a Norwegian Parliament.

At a invitation of a government of a association Telenor Group, Minister Dacic will revisit a domicile of this company, that is a vital Norwegian association and a poignant tellurian actor in a telecoms sector, with a really vast share on a Serbian marketplace as well.

During his stay in Oslo, a Minister will revisit a latest thematic muster during a Technology Museum, dedicated to a exploitation of forced work of inmates during a Second World War, in a SS camps in assigned Norway, on building megalomaniac infrastructure projects of a Third Reich. The mass participation of prisoners from Eastern and South Eastern Europe, enclosed a vast organisation of some-more than 4,200 persons from a former Yugoslavia, roughly 90% of whom were racial Serbs.

To commemorate a 75th anniversary of a attainment of a initial Yugoslav internees in Norway in 1942, Minister Dacic will lay a spray during a relic erected in honour of some-more than 3,500 prisoners killed and buried during a tomb Vestre Gravlund in Oslo.

The Minister will reason a harangue during a Technology Museum on Serbia’s place in a fast changing Europe for member of Norwegian institutions, polite multitude and a tactful corps.

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