Minister Dacic on a 128th Sessions of a Committee of Ministers of a Council of Europe

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Ivica DacicStatement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a 128th Sessions of a Committee of Ministers of a Council of Europe, in Elsinor, in Denmark:

Mr. Chairman,
Fellow Ministers,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I wish to extend my congratulations to a effusive Chairman of a Council of Europe Committee of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Andres Samuelsen, on his rarely successful Chairmanship and my wishes to a incoming Chair, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia Marija Pejčinović Burić, for success in a liberate of these critical duties.

We see a 128th Session of a Council of Europe during Ministerial turn as an glorious event to sell views on a categorical stream issues and hurdles we are confronting in Europe and within a Organization. In this context, a assessments done by a Secretary General in a Fifth Report on a Situation of Human Rights, Democracy and a Rule of Law are thought-provoking and lift courtesy with reason. The Secretary General has righteously underlined a dire problems and inauspicious trends in many areas, of that no nation has been spared. It is quite for this reason that a common proceed to their fortitude is vital.

We support a proposals of a Secretary General towards seeking solutions to a ongoing predicament in a Organization and corner care of a purpose and objectives of a Council of Europe, directed during achieving larger togetherness in Europe.

Serbia welcomes a proceed focused on strengthening a togetherness and coordination of a dual vital Council of Europe orthodox bodies – a Committee of Ministers and a Parliamentary Assembly, and is committed to anticipating constructive, pure and useful solutions. We support a Secretary General’s rendezvous in addressing a crisis, and a discourse among all participants in suitability with a Council of Europe principles. In this context, we are in foster of changing a PACE manners of procedure, in sequence to safeguard estimable appearance of all member States in this body, that a parliamentarians have already due within a horizon of a applicable Ad hoc Committee of a PACE Bureau.

We acquire a fact that Croatia has identified insurance of persons belonging to inhabitant minorities among a Committee of Ministers Chairmanship priorities, and we are dynamic to actively minister to a doing of this goal. Serbia attaches good significance to a graduation and insurance of a rights of inhabitant minorities. We are strongly committed to stability – in team-work with a Council of Europe – a rendezvous along these lines. At a same time, we design that all rights of persons belonging to a Serbian inhabitant minority in beside countries will be entirely reputable in line with a Council of Europe standards, including a right to use their possess denunciation and script.

Serbia is committed to safeguarding and compelling standards and values enshrined in a European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). We support a conclusions of a Secretary General’s Report concerning a need to urge a efficacy of a execution of a judgments of a European Court of Human Rights. We acquire a grant of Denmark to a adoption of a Copenhagen Declaration, that we see as an critical fulfilment of a Danish Committee of Ministers Chairmanship, poignant for a destiny functioning of a European Court of Human Rights.

Serbia attaches good significance to a insurance and graduation of leisure of countenance and leisure of a media, that are pivotal to approved processes. We serve insert good significance to leisure of public and association, as guaranteed by a structure and applicable legislation. Serbia has clinging many courtesy to ensuring an enabling sourroundings for larger appearance of a polite multitude organizations in a decision-making routine during all levels.

At inhabitant level, a array of measures have been taken towards fulfilling a recommendations of a Group of States opposite Corruption (GRECO) associated to Serbia. To that end, a coordinating group has been set up, tasked with overseeing a activities directed during a doing of recommendations contained in a GRECO report.

We trust a doing of a recommendations done by a European Committee for a Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) is of good importance. Comprehensive measures have been taken in sequence to pledge correspondence with a Committee’s standards and a rights of prisoners hold in institutions for a execution of rapist sanctions. At a same time, we design suitable greeting of a CPT with courtesy to a heartless attack on a Director of a Office for Kosovo and Metohija Mr. Marko Djuric on 26th March. Mr. Djuric was subjected to woe and degrading diagnosis by a military in Kosovska Mitrovica.

With a aim of improving insurance of tellurian rights, democracy and a order of law, Serbia supports a delay of a rendezvous of a Council of Europe in Kosovo and Metohija, in full correspondence with a UNSC Resolution 1244 and status-neutral approach. We are assured that a Council of Europe activities are critical for effective insurance of tellurian rights and minority rights, order of law and informative heritage. At a same time, we only find excusable a standing neutral rendezvous of a Organization and full correspondence with a UNSC fortitude 1244. Accordingly, Serbia will many strongly conflict any try during rising a procession for acknowledgment of a supposed „Kosovo” to a Council of Europe.

Thank we for your attention.

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