Minister Dacic participated in a Conference “Multi-speed Europe: Deepening a EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy”

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Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated, in Belgrade, today, in a Conference “Multi-speed Europe: Deepening a EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy”.

The Serbian Foreign Minister spoke during a categorical panel, that was also addressed by German Federal Foreign Office Secretary of State Markus Ederer, and European External Action Service (EEAS) Director for Western Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey Angelina Eichhorst.

Following is a residence by Minister Dacic:

“Mr. Ederer,
Madam Eichhorst,
Mr. Pajevic,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I, initial of all, appreciate a ISAC Fund for mouth-watering me to pronounce during this conference, on seductiveness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia. The fact that we was invited by Mr. Pajevic for a third uninterrupted year, reflects that a thesis of a EU Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Serbia’s purpose in a process, is rarely important, attracting a estimable volume of attention.

Looking behind on a final 3 years, given we started addressing this issue, Serbia has not done many swell in terms of procedure, for we are still awaiting to accept a Screening Report on Chapter 31, nonetheless a shared screening assembly where we headed a Serbian delegation, behind in Oct 2014, was assessed as really successful. However, in a deficiency of a news as a transparent horizon for a serve guidance, we have though continued to work tough by holding unchanging meetings of a Negotiation Group for Chapter 31 – a continued and rarely sincere discourse with polite zone representatives, and clinging sold courtesy to talks with those EU Member States that have demonstrated a special seductiveness in this area. We are really pleased, and speedy by a fact that a European CFSP determined Serbia’s ask that we voiced during a screening assembly on Ch. 31, and hold consultations with a Western Balkans Six, in January, while we also design shared consultations on a far-reaching operation of foreign-policy themes, during a summer. we trust that it would be really useful if a EU enclosed in a routine of CFSP decision-making and vital request adoption, states that have already commenced their membership negotiations.

It is unfortunate indeed that a emanate of team-work between Serbia and a EU in this area is essentially perceived, and substantially assessed as well, usually by one segment, i.e. Serbia’s fixing with EU decisions and declarations, quite concerning Russia. This is, many likely, a categorical reason that EU Member States were incompetent to determine on a calm of a report, that has been in a adoption routine for a year and a half already.

Unfortunately, Serbia has not nonetheless assimilated a EU and, given it does not attend in a decision-making process, it is incompetent to strengthen a interests in a same proceed as it will be means to, after apropos a member. We are faced with decisions that have already been defined, that we can usually accept or reject, that is what we spasmodic do, though due to that a commission of a fixing with EU decisions in a past few years has been around 64%, on a annual level. we do not repudiate that we am substantially being subjective, though we trust that this is picturesque in a stream proviso of Serbia’s European integration, and deliberation all a hurdles we are facing. All a fixing decisions are delicately weighed and balanced, holding a inhabitant interests into consideration.

Since fixing is not an emanate that can be personal as a requirement formed on authorised commitments – for a Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) and a EU traffic horizon are transparent – Serbia is approaching to gradually align itself with a CFSP and strech full fixing on a eve of fasten a EU – that is indisputable, this is frequently explained as a need of respecting European values. we wish to underline that Serbia belongs in Europe in terms of values, geography, routine and security, that we demonstrated and valid in countless cases. In fact, Serbia’s European formation routine has been underway given 2003, directed during carrying Serbia become, some day, an EU Member State.

I trust that it is required to underline that,from a really commencement of Serbia’s fixing with EU decisions, that is, after signing a SAA behind in 2008, Serbia’s position was really clear, and unambiguously brought to a courtesy of a EU. Serbia can't align itself with a decisions and limiting measures associated to Russia and China, as Permanent Members of a UN Security Council, given a territorial firmness is threatened by attempts during secession of a partial of a territory, and these dual states have persevered in a honour of general law. Our opinion is a same towards all other countries that have been ancillary Serbia on issues associated to Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbia’s position in this honour has been unchanging and has never changed, while a positions of a EU and a partial of a general village towards a Russian Federation have changed. Why? They say, given of general law that contingency be reputable in a box of Ukraine, though does not have to be reputable in a box of Serbia, or so it appears.

I would like to note that, distinct some others, Serbia has always been consistent. It was also rarely mild and committed to a fortitude of all superb issues by dialogue, rather than hazard and intensity dispute that is Pristina’s indication of behaviour. Serbia did not insist on digging adult a past and origination irrational requests, though on a need for looking into a destiny and team-work formed on common interests, though with mutual respect. Belgrade concluded to control discourse with Pristina, with a facilitation of a EU High Representative, where Madam Eichhorst plays a really active and critical purpose – though commanding any conditions. However, notwithstanding all a efforts made, and a fact that a stakes were really high – given it is an intensely supportive domestic routine – we mostly witnessed disregard for agreements and rejecting of possibilities for talks, let alone for reaching agreements on issues of essential significance to Serbia.

For example, we would like to impute to a emanate of property, or a insurance of eremite and informative heritage, that Pristina refuses even to discuss, though though wishes to join a UNESCO. What about a Association/Community of Serbian Municipalities (CSMs), whose investiture was concluded by a initial Brussels Agreement, in 2013, that we sealed myself? Do we consider that we would have sealed it had a Agreement’s initial 6 equipment not been associated to a CSMs? We saw it as a pledge that a provision of some hundred thousand Serbs, who remained in Kosovo and Metohija, will be protected and sustainable. In this context, we wish to impute to UNHCR information according to which, out of some-more than 250,000 internally replaced persons (IDPs) from Kosovo and Metohija, usually 4,500 of them had a tolerable return. we did not notice that any regard was lifted by this harmful information or non-fulfilment of obligations, such as that associated to a investiture of CSMs.

I am convinced, however, that beliefs and manners should equally request to all. we also trust that EU response to their defilement should be a same, regardless of either a defilement is committed by Serbia or others. This will impact a encouragement of a credit of, and trust in a EU, in my country. There should be some-more bargain for issues of essential significance to Serbia, such as a refuge of a territorial firmness and sovereignty. In a deficiency of that, it is formidable for Serbs to commend a European Union not usually as their vital unfamiliar trade partner, a largest donor or investor, though also as a domestic village that respects and appreciates partners like Serbia. For this reason, some others seem to be some-more manifest in a public, while a emanate of EU advent is increasingly seen by a people as a rarely politicized process, where a same manners do not request to all. For instance, over a past few years, a EU has called for a calm strategically per a increase process, and vital action, during a same time, in a area of Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), for that we did not even accept a Screening Report. This kind of proof we find formidable to understand.

As regards CFSP cooperation, a EU should know that Serbia will always be a credible, predicted and arguable partner, peaceful to share all hurdles and risks with a EU. However, a European Union should make some-more bid to know Serbia’s position, that is rarely receptive – as you, Europeans, would contend – we are usually behaving in a suggestion of scrupulous pragmatism. The Serbian Government is posterior an active, clearly profiled and designed unfamiliar policy, whose tip priority is EU membership, though also to feature dialogue, team-work and family with countries opposite a world, quite with a normal partners. Considering that Serbia’s mercantile expansion is a exigency for a swell of multitude as a whole, as good as a EU advent process, sold courtesy is given to formulating conditions for augmenting exports, unfamiliar proceed investments and pursuit creation. We serve trust that it would be insane to jeopardise a family with some of a vital universe economies or bushel a appetite supplies. We wish to pursue a routine that would minister to Serbia’s improved positioning on a regional, European, multilateral and broader general level. In this context, we see no obstacles to Serbia’s team-work with a far-reaching operation of countries, in opposite areas, in a same proceed as we concur with EU Member States or with a neighbours.

For example, it seems to be a problem if Serbia annually has dual troops exercises with Russia and Belarus, nonetheless a remaining 14 are hold with a US (9), NATO (2), Balkan countries (2), or with Hungary (1). Please note that in a past 5 years, there we had 44 exercises with a United States, and usually 6 with a Russian Federation. we trust that numbers clearly denote Serbia’s simple orientation, and therefore trust that putting a team-work with other partners in a disastrous context, reflects an disdainful and erring approach.

May we take this event to contend a few difference about a areas of team-work between Serbia and a EU within a frameworks of CFSP and CSDP. It is critical for us to pull your courtesy to this, as there seems not to be many seductiveness in such information, unfortunately, nonetheless Serbia is origination a estimable grant in this area.

Based on a existent covenant horizon of 2011, Serbia has been exchanging personal information with a EU, participating in multinational EU operations, and has grown tighten and complete team-work with a European Defence Agency. Serbia is a eighth-largest couple writer in Europe to a peacekeeping missions, and a initial in a Western Balkans region. In 2016, a sum of 643 troops crew participated in EU assent missions and operations worldwide. Currently, 329 Serbian troops crew are intent in EU and UN operations. We have undertaken activities directed during adopting a authorised and institutional horizon for unhampered appearance of municipal structures in general peacekeeping operations and missions. In this routine we are closely auxiliary with a ISAC Fund, as good as with Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and Norway. Last year, Serbia acceded to a technical agreement substantiating a EU conflict organisation – HELBROC. By a finish of a year, we design to see a finalization of a routine of gain of a National Security Strategy, Defence Strategy and a supposed White Book, where member of 29 institutions are participating. Our categorical discipline along this trail are EU membership, troops neutrality, as good as an integrated and extensive proceed to security. Drafting of a new Foreign Affairs Law is underway, while a Law on Restrictive Measures was adopted final year, as one of a EU requirements.

The EU singled out 3 priorities in a CFSP area, per a Western Balkans region: informal stability, quarrel opposite terrorism, and migration. Serbia will continue complete team-work with a EU in all 3 of these areas. We have been origination an well-developed grant to curbing a effects of a vast emigration predicament – given 2015, some 1.4 million migrants transited a Serbian territory, while some 8,000 have been stranded in Serbia, for months. In propinquity to a capacities and financial potential, it is transparent that we are underneath a larger aria than some EU Member States. Serbia’s acts have been demonstrating a country’s wish not usually to share a burden, though a shortcoming as well, and minister to addressing common problems.

Serbia expects all these rarely specific and perfectionist activities to be sufficient valued in a altogether comment of a grant to CFSP, in sequence that a picturesque conclusion, rather than a finish formed on emotions or perceptions, can be done when a country’s swell in this area is scrutinized. Serbia sees a destiny in a EU, and there is no doubt that Serbia will always be an intensely clinging partner in rebellious all a hurdles confronting it, as good as in a refuge of informal fortitude and strengthening of informal integration, though this contingency not be a surrogate for a European formation process, and should usually minister to a acceleration of a gait on a EU path.

Serbia considers really critical a summary expelled by a EU in a Global Strategy – that a convincing increase routine assumes vital investment in confidence and European prosperity, and that it will continue to be formed on a clear, despotic and satisfactory advent process. We expect that when a EU defines a horizon of a remodel process, by a finish of a year, it will insert poignant courtesy to a segment and support Serbia in a intensions to extremely accelerate a possess remodel routine and EU accession.

Thank we for your attention.”

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