Minister Dacic participates in a Belgrade Security Forum

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić participated currently in a row contention “Berlin Process in Belgrade”, hold within a horizon of a Belgrade Security Forum.

At a opening of his statement, Minister Dacic commended that a increase thesis was in focus, underlining that a Berlin Process was a profitable initiative, reflecting a enterprise of vast countries to understanding with EU increase in a WB region.

“Despite a fact that everybody will be weighing some projects and a border of their implementation, we trust that a thought itself is profitable and certain for a region, and we are beholden to all who have launched a Berlin Process”, pronounced Dacic, announcing that a Western Balkans discussion would be hosted by London, subsequent year.

“The thought that European countries are considering a increase to a Western Balkans is unusually critical to us, and we see it as huge domestic benefit. All else are projects nonetheless to be discussed and resolved upon.”

Minister Dacic indicated that 20 themes had been resolved so distant within a Berlin Process “Western Balkan Six”, adding that a Process certainly contributes, in each respect, to a strengthening of intra-regional domestic dialogue.

“In Oct 2014, Serbia played horde to a initial assembly in a WB6 format, where Ministers of Foreign Affairs of a WB countries discussed a encouragement of informal team-work in a accumulation of areas, mercantile in particular”, stressed a Serbian Foreign Minister.

Referring to a WB6 accomplishments 6, Minister Dacic underlined a investiture of a Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and a good beginning for a construction of Nis – Pristina – Tirana motorway, that he “nominated” as early as a initial assembly of WB6 Foreign Ministers.

Dacic serve emphasized a good team-work between informal chambers of commerce and, many importantly for Serbia that a decision-making on a Transport Community domicile was entrance to an end.

“There is ubiquitous agreement that a domicile be located in Belgrade, that is really important, since a series of general organizations headquartered in Belgrade is comparatively small”, Minister Dacic concluded.

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